Will SCOUTS:B.S.A. be “Kavanaughed”?

Scouters take warning!

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Neither shalt thou bear false witness against thy neighbour.

— the Ninth Commandment, Deuteronomy v:20

It’s only a matter of time before you’re “Kavanaughed” by insane feminists and Social Justice Warriors looking for a trophy to hang on the wall.

If you are a man and a volunteer for sex-integrated SCOUTS:B.S.A. this is your future:
  • Life destroyed.
  • Family destroyed.
  • Career destroyed.
You will be known for forever and ever, world without end, as a:
  • Convicted felon.
  • Registered sex offender.
After conviction by a kangaroo court of virtue signalling, screeching harpies, you will
  • Spend many years in prison as an innocent man
  • Be beaten to a bloody pulp by fellow inmates
Because you are not a presidential appointment candidate
  • There will be no police protection for your family.
  • Your wife will be assaulted.
  • You will lose your children.
Even if you are somehow exonerated
  • You will always be known as “that child molester in the Boy Scouts.”

Codes of Conduct as the SJW weapon-of-choice: Linux developers threaten to pull “kill switch”

An alarming artticle at lulz.com on the “Code of Conduct” imposed on the Linux development community. Many of you already know Vox Day’s opinion of them.

Recommended reading: Vox Day’s SJW_Attack_Survival_Guide

The “Code of Conduct” tactic destroyed many volunteer societies already, although you’ve certainly never heard of them.

The poison is now working its way through the remnant of the Boy Scouts of America using “Youth Protection” as the fig leaf to cover the fact.

Below is a blog entry illustrating how a Code of Conduct was snuck into the Linux project – you know, the software operating system that runs your smartphone, your Internet router, your tv, your corporation’s network and most of its servers  . . . well you get the idea.

The Linux people have seen one IT project after another fall to rabid SJWs and LGBTPQ entryists. They were primed for battle by their victory in “GamerGate” several years ago. It is a fact tactics learned in GG helped propell Donald Trump to the White House.



If you see a proposed CoC anywhere, fight it with everything you’ve got or your organization will be captured and subdued by the people who want you and your way of life D-E-A-D DEAD.

An excerpt, highlighted below in yellow:

The controversy
Activists from the feminist and LGBTQIA+ communities have been trying to force the Linux project to join the Contributor Covenant since at least 2015. The Contributor Covenant is an agreement to implement a special Code of Conduct (frequently CoC from now on) aimed at changing the predominantly white, straight, and male face of programming. CC’s Code of Conduct is controversial particularly because it allows anyone to be banned from contributing code for any reason, usually with no mechanism for oversight or accountability.

On September 16 the pro-CoC side got their wish (how this happened is a very strange story of its own, read recent news about Linus Torvalds’ departure if you want to know more) — Linux had officially committed to implementing and obeying the CC Code of Conduct — and they immediately set about using it to remove top Linux coders. Sage Sharp, who describes theyself as a “diversity & inclusion consultant, hufflepuff, non-binary agender trans masculine” and has 7k followers, cites GeekFeminismWiki and targets Google’s Theo Ts’o with accusations of being a rape apologist:

Read the rest at this link:


Chicago priest who calls sex abuse ‘a gay thing’ burns rainbow flag in an ‘exorcism’

You don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind’s a blowing.

Do you think this is not understood by the BSA Executive Council?

Chicago priest who calls sex abuse ‘a gay thing’ burns rainbow flag in an ‘exorcism’

Webelos On Parade cub scout march

I commissioned a piano reduction of one of my favorite cub scout tunes, the Webelos On Parade march, featured on the classic “Akela – Cub Scout Record Album” of the 1950s and 1960s.

Here is my YouTube channel video with “sing-a-long” lyrics

and here are PDFs of the sheet music in a few formats

Webelos On Parade for Piano and Voice 

Webelos On Parade Lead Sheet and

Webelos On Parade – C – 4 Pages



Service to Cub Scouting original image

UPDATE Sept 20, 2018: This is a medium resolution, color corrected image as used in the original Service to Cub Scouting Award.  Since rendering, I’ve acquired an original recognition plaque to be scanned.

Continue reading “Service to Cub Scouting original image”

Learn the International Morse Code the Boy Scout Way

Here are high quality scans of traditional Boy Scout training material for the International Morse Code or, in BSA’s classic terminology, the service code.

This link takes you to my YouTube video of BSA’s LP training record set.

Learn the International Morse Code the BSA Raybrun Method

Here are the LP liner notes and instructions from an official BSA Signal Kit:

BSA Raybrun Morse Code Liner Notes

BSA Signal Kit Literature optimized

Here you’ll find my one-page practice chart of letters in the recommended study groups:

BSA Morse Code Training Groups Chart