#EpicFail: Americans don’t want girls in the Boy Scouts

UPDATE: Would those millenial democrats be the same millenials who think Communism sounds pretty chill?


The only segment clearly in favor of this move is “millennial democrats” who are the absolute least likely ever to consider joining the Boy Scouts. Clearly, market appeal had nothing to do with this decision because any half way competent survey would have revealed the exact same result.

How many of you remember “Scouting/USA”? It was the first go at unisex, un-boyed, un-Americanized scouting in 1972ish.  It even featured a new red logo, red being the standard issue color of the international socialist revolutionary movement i.e., communism.  The handbook was stripped of scoutcraft — community organizing, “child rearing”(!), drug use, and trendy conservation took its place.  Membership collapsed and BSA had to hire back the hated Green Bar Bill Hillcourt to pick up the pieces.


Oct 31 2017, 5:07 pm ET

Majority Opposes Boy Scouts Decision Allowing Girls to Join

by Carrie Dann

A majority of Americans oppose the decision by the Boy Scouts of America to start admitting girls next year, a new poll from NBC News and the Wall Street Journal shows. But, as with many other issues in the current polarized era, political ideology has a lot to do with how the public views the new policy.

Nearly six-in-ten Americans — 57 percent — disagree with the move to allow girls to join the Boy Scouts, with 37 percent voicing strong opposition.

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Epic Fail

Author: Renegade Scouter

Boy Scouting is for boys -- Help Renegade Patrol save BSA from itself. Do it for your sons. Do it for your daughters. America needs you. Answer the call to duty.

4 thoughts on “#EpicFail: Americans don’t want girls in the Boy Scouts”

    1. We have not yet begun to fight, to borrow a phrase. BSA Corp is fin fact, imploding under its own weight. Soon it will be bankrupted and may be forced into liquidation. Should that happen, the intellectual property, so fiercely defended in court since the Congressional charter was approved, will be available to acquire at auction.

      BSI4B believes traditionalists should acquire that IP, whatever the cost, to reintroduce authentic boy scouting to America. Trail Life has its own trail to follow and we wish it well by all means. But there remains a large need and demand for plain old, mere boy scouting and soon we will have the chance to make it happen. Imagine old school boy scouts, stripped of all the membership corruption, 1972’s asinine and failed Improved Scouting Program unwound completely — not just superficially. Imagine a focus on DOING THINGS instead of lawyer inspired risk management and politically correct thought control. It would be GLORIOUS.


      1. Well, I think they will liquidate their substantial assets before that happens, and most likely limp along in corporate funds for a long time.

        I have boys, 5 and 11, so I needed a scouting program for boys that reinforced our values and love of country.

        Best of luck to you!


      2. Later this morning we’ll repost a news story claiming BSA Corp bankruptcy is imminent, perhaps in a few days’ time. Re a good program for your boys: boy scout units are 100% local no matter what the council or national hq does or doesn’t do. It’s run by the parents, mainly fathers in strong units, but mothers play an important role in cubbing. Check out your local packs and troops. Don’t forget Royal Rangers and Indian Guides, although they drank the co-ed kool-aid a long time ago. Civil Air Patrol is an option for older kids, now also coed but offering a scout-like program with U.S.A.F.’s direct support and the choice to earn a pilot’s license and join the Air Force with some advanced standing.

        You might also buy a set of the older pre-1970s boy/cub scouting books and run your own program — maybe with a few other men in your locale — and have the time of your lives. Old scouting is fun scouting. It’s a shame BSA Corp lost its way in the 1970s but given the (literal) communist subversion directed at the West, it’s amazing they survived this long.

        Good luck!


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