MAD WORLD NEWS: Boy Scouts Dead After Bowing To Tantrum From Social Justice Warriors

Boy Scouts Dead After Bowing To Tantrum From Social Justice Warriors

For social justice warriors, it is imperative that kids be taught from a young age that men are evil and that they are allowed to have nothing. That was proven again on Wednesday when the Boys Scouts of America was finally destroyed by them. But what the SJWs did not expect was the response they received.

Boy Scouts (left), Protesting woman (right) (Photo credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images, Marcos del Mazo/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

After 108 years of existence, the Boy Scouts announced on Wednesday that the organization will change its name after it decided to accept girls for membership. The new name will take effect next February, and it will now be called Scouts BSA, the Associated Press reported.

Mike Surbaugh, the Chief Scout Executive, told the Press that the process of picking a new name took time but was “incredibly fun.” It was “incredibly fun” to drive a social justice stake into the heart of a century-old organization because the word “boy” could trigger someone.

“We wanted to land on something that evokes the past but also conveys the inclusive nature of the program going forward,” Surbaugh said. “We’re trying to find the right way to say we’re here for both young men and young women.” He said that the parent organization will continue to be called the Boy Scouts of America and the program for 7 – 10-year-olds will continue to be called the Cub Scouts.

He said that there will be separate units for boys and girls and there will be special badges created for girls only, which doesn’t sound very inclusive. The move comes after more than 3,000 girls joined the Boy Scouts organization and the group believes more will join after it launches its nationwide membership drive this summer titled “Scout Me In.”

But the move does not come without consequences. The name change and the initiative to accept girls for membership has ruffled the feathers of the Girl Scouts.

“Girl Scouts is the premier leadership development organization for girls,” Girl Scouts’ CEO Sylvia Acevedo said. “We are, and will remain, the first choice for girls and parents who want to provide their girls opportunities to build new skills … and grow into happy, successful, civically engaged adults.”

Both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts have received sharp declines in membership in recent times, and many believe that is the reason that the Boy Scouts started accepting girls and changed their name. But that is not helping the Girl Scouts.

Fiona Cummings of Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois said that her group used to have a close relationship with the Boy Scouts in her area, but now that relationship is “very chilly” as they both compete for the same members. “How do you manage these strategic tensions?” she said. “We both need to increase our membership numbers.”

Surbaugh said that he thinks the competition will be a positive for both groups. “If the best fit for your girl is the Girl Scouts, that’s fantastic,” he told The Press. “If it’s not them, it might be us.”

But what happens to boys who just want something of their own? Why is that no longer allowed in America? The decision to change the Boy Scouts name was met with anger on social media.

The reason for the change is that liberal social justice policies and ideas have taken control of the narrative. And the narrative is that men, especially white men, are evil and are not to be celebrated. Anything that is for them or benefits them must be destroyed. The very idea of masculinity must be wiped from the consciousness of every American.

What the liberals want is a picture of manhood that looks like the soy boy cast of shows like the “Big Bang Theory.” A picture where men have no muscle tone, wear skinny jeans, cannot perform even the simplest of manly tasks and are led by women because, even as they are book smart, they lack even a rudimentary amount of common sense or street smarts. This is the picture that our kids will be given, that they will learn and believe, if Americans don’t start fighting back for our traditional values.

It is also a lesson to conservatives who believe that compromising with liberals, or giving in to them, will appease them. It won’t. When you show them any weakness, any compromise, they will use it as a hammer to attack you until you are destroyed.


Author: Renegade Scouter

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