“Boy” Scouts Descend into Depravity with Sexual Jamboree Party Favors

From Constitution blog:

The nation was undoubtedly shocked earlier this month when one of our most beloved organizations took a strange stance on the idea of “gender”.

Well, biologically strange, at least.  I’m not sure that we have a scale to measure just how strange the left has made the concepts of gender in our modern society.

In either case, we’re talking about the Boy Scouts, (or whatever they’re calling themselves now), who recently bowed to leftist pressure to include female members in the organization.  Not only will these young ladies now be admitted to the Boy Scouts, but the entire group is going to switch gears and identities to accommodate the news.

Americans were more than a little confused.

As the newly minted “Scouts BSA” prepare for their Mardi Gras, the “Jamboree”, a strange new requirement has been noticed by several concerned parents.

The Boy Scouts World Scout Jamboree, which is held every four years and next will be held in West Virginia in 2019, may offer something to Scouts that would have been unthinkable years ago: condoms.

Scouts from around the world will attend the event, which will be guided by the World Scout Committee’s handbook, which offers health and safety guidelines for the event. On page 11 of the handbook, it reads, “The Host Organization must ensure that condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants and IST (International Service Team) at a number of locations on the site. … When making this information available onsite, consideration shall be given to the various cultures and beliefs present.”

The handbook also writes, “The use of alcohol shall not be permitted on the Jamboree site. Some exceptions may be made for adults in confined areas, in accordance with the host country’s habits.”

Obviously, a number of scouts’ parents were none too pleased with the decision, blasting “Scouts BSA” for what they perceived to be a change in the direction and scope of what the organization has set out to accomplish.

Some scout leaders were ready to respond viciously to the news:

Florida Family Policy Council President John Stemberger, who also serves as Chairman of the Board for the Christian scouting movement Trail Life USA issued the following statement:

“In light of the mandatory condom policy, it is not clear how far down the rabbit hole the Boy Scouts will continue to fall. With the addition of condoms and alcohol, the World Jamboree is starting to sound more like a 1960s Woodstock festival rather than a campout that parents would want to send their children to! All of this should be deeply disturbing to the churches that are chartering Boy Scout Troops. These policies present a clear youth protection problem that the BSA absolutely refuses to recognize. The fact that they are requiring that  condoms be ‘readily accessible’ and are communicating this to everyone– including youth participants–shows that the BSA is both anticipating and facilitating sexual conduct between minors at this event. These policies are both outrageous and completely irresponsible.”

What say you, dear reader?

Are “Scouts BSA” going too far in this latest requirement?  Are these organizations taking away the innocence of youth by creating such a fuss about sexuality during a life-lesson-centric camping retreat?

Andrew West

Andrew West is a Georgia-based political enthusiast and lover of liberty. When not writing, you can find Mr. West home brewing his own craft beer, perfecting his home-made hot sauce recipes, or playing guitar.

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