SCOUT’S HONOR Part 1: How the Scout Law was Subverted by the Improved Scouting Program

This is Part 1 of a Series on the subversion of the Scout Oath and Law.

Were you a boy scout in the 1970s? Are you a scout leader new to the scouting movement?

If so, you never experienced actual boy scouting. You know only the Improved Scouting Program that was a disastrous subversion of everything that made boy scouting great. It’s not far off to say Improved Scouting was the evil mirror twin of true scouting.

Sound crazy? Good ! That’s the skepticism we need and it will be well served as we examine each point of the Scout Law in turn.

When we’re finished, you’ll understand why boy scouting was almost revered in its heyday and why its echo today remains strong enough for crooks at BSA Inc, like the useless Mike Surbaugh, to look our legacy without raising suspicion.

In the Nineteen Seventies, an oft-heard slogan was, “Do your own thing, man” accompanied by the ever popular, “If it feels good, do it!”

This was the basic rationale for the Improved Scouting Program that came close to killing American boy scouting and did manage to kill boy scouting in most of the anglophone world.

Imposing girls into the Boy Scouts of America was bad enough but they eviscerated the meaning of the movement by gaming the words of the Scout Oath and Law. Students of history recognize the tactic as Phariseeism and the basis for reformed Communist George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four and its up-side-down use of newspeak. to gaslight the subject people of Oceania into submission as the language made it impossible to conceptualize dissent, rebellion or disobedience by eliminating the very possibility of unapproved ideas from the human mind.

BSA made a good start at subverting American morality and manhood by subversively reengineering the Boy Scout Oath. In the posts that follow is a point by point comparison of the authentic Scout Law and its Orwellian substitute. Unfortunately the false law remains in use even now.

In most cases the basic form was preserved but meaning was inverted phrase-by-phrase. The use of carefully selected synonyms allowed quite radical changes to pass unnoticed by all but trained counterpropaganda experts.


Author: Renegade Scouter

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