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Here’s another blog post from Moonbattery:

The Boy Scouts have shown us that once you let moonbattery’s nose into the tent, you will soon find yourself outside on the sand. Less than a week after they changed their name to Scouts BSA to be more “inclusive,” we begin to see what that entails. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is bailing out:

The church announced Tuesday evening that it will sever ties with the organization, effective Dec. 31, 2019, according to a news release.

This ends a partnership that has lasted for over a century. It constitutes an oversized shovelful of dirt on the coffin of the Boy Scouts.

The LDS Church is the biggest participant in American Scouting, with approximately 425,000 LDS youths in Cub and Boy Scout programs. Mormons account for about 19 percent of the BSA’s membership, which totals about 2.3 million, according to the Boy Scouts.

The LDS Church will be starting its own youth program, which will be grounded in the healthy values that characterized the Boy Scouts before they allowed social justice warriors to bully them into incrementally embracing the liberal agenda.

The fissure began when the Boy Scouts started knuckling under to LGBT militants:

After the Scouts allowed openly gay men to be leaders in the organization in 2015, the LDS-affiliated troops were allowed to continue operating in accordance with their faith standards. That meant that though no BSA-wide ban exists for gay leaders who are sexually active or are in same-sex relationships, one is practically imposed in Mormon-run troops.

The LDS Church gave the Boy Scouts every chance to stay true to their formerly shared values, but the pathetic name change finally convince it that, as Conservative Tribune puts it,

The Scouts have apparently decided the group’s future consists of a never-ending progression of appeasement to the forces of political correctness, a cycle that’s ultimately hollowing out an organization that used to be revered for its influence on American youths.

Let’s hope Mormons do not forget the lessons of this tragedy: do not allow your organizations to be infiltrated by subversive moonbats, and do not ever give an inch to the progressive bullies who continue their Long March Through the Institutions, turning each of them into sewers.

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