Not for Sydney: Girls now officially able to join former ‘boy scouts’ program

There is an upside to this. The despicable Sydney Ireland will never be a boy scout.
Karma’s a bitch lulz.

Girls now officially able to join former ‘boy scouts’ program

More than 77,000 girls have already joined cub scouts, a program for younger children since it started to welcome girls last year.

BSA Director Royce Fox in Johnson City told WJHL that in the Tri-Cities region, two girl troops are expected to be the first in that region.

In May 2018, the Boy Scouts — the program for 11- to 17-year-olds — announced it would change its name to Scouts BSA in February.

The parent organization will remain the Boy Scouts of America, and the Cub Scouts — its program serving children from kindergarten through fifth grade — will keep its title, as well.

[Ed note: well dud BSA Inc couldn’t change its name if it wanted to change it — it’s literally set by an Act of Congress, signed by the President of the United States, under Title 36 of the U.S. Code, “Patriotic Organizations.”]

The Purposes of Boy Scouts, United States Code

In November 2018, The Girl Scouts of the United States of America filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America for dropping the word “boy” from its flagship program in an effort to attract girls.

In the complaint filed in Manhattan federal court, the Girls Scouts claim the program “does not have a right under either federal or New York law to use terms like scouts or scouting by themselves in connection with services offered to girls, or to rebrand itself as ‘the Scouts.’”

“Such misconduct will not only cause confusion among the public, damage the goodwill of GSUSA’s Girl Scouts trademarks, and erode its core brand identity, but it will also marginalize the Girl Scouts Movement by causing the public to believe that GSUSA’s extraordinarily successful services are not true or official ‘Scouting’ programs, but niche services with limited utility and appeal,” the complaint said.

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Boy Scouting is for boys -- Help Renegade Patrol save BSA from itself. Do it for your sons. Do it for your daughters. America needs you. Answer the call to duty.

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