The Diversity Imperative

“Every time I’ve been in a room, most people in that room looked like me, sound like me.”

American Fighting Man David Goldfein, the current chief of staff of the United States Air Force, spoke to entrants in the “Spark Tank Competition” at the annual Air Warfare Symposium at Orlando, Florida on February 28, 2019

The Spark Tank Competition’s website explains that it “celebrate[s] Air Force risk-takers, idea makers and entrepreneurs who refuse to accept the status quo and have determined their own fate by developing solutions that make it easier for the Air Force to bring the very best to the fight.”

Goldfein told the assembled Risk-Takers,

“The challenges we face as a nation are wicked hard, and it’s going to take folks with different backgrounds, different life experiences, and different perspectives to be able to come in and sit down together and provide the creative solutions that we as a nation need to be able to fight and win.”

For decades, science fiction publisher Vox Day warned against the madness of Marxist-Leninist political correctness and describes Heritage America’s capitulation to it as a moral failure of men to, well, act like men.

God help America. Here is a comment by Doktor_Jeep at Vox Populi:

So yeah. We’re screwed. All of our other mistakes are covered up well with air power. We’re going to find out the hard way how you can’t win a war with Ritalin-kids and drones.

Doktor Jeep March 04, 2019 1:09 PM

The USAF was always the vanguard of poz in the armed forces overall. I was there in the 90s when this crap started.

I was there when “don’t ask don’t tell” pretty much had us in a situation where who knew who was screwing who in the ass, or who was climbing whose curtain, and could not do a damned thing about it.

I was there when weirdos would be doing their weirdo things and if you asked about it, they ran to “Social Actions” and got your career ruined – or tried. Yes that crap was happening in the 1990s. The SJWs did not invent it in the last 10 years.

I was there when the black airmen would just thug it up with their yo yo yo shit but God help Bubba when his truck was finally shipped in and it still had the Confederate flag on the bumper. Yes, I saw, firsthand, “Thug culture OK. Your history is not, racist”. Side note: one of those thugs ended up shooting a few other airmen to death over some stupid argument a few years later.

I was there when a fellow was falsely accused of rape, spent 14 months doing “weeds & seeds” waiting for his innocence to be proved, and when it was proved, the higher ups were so horrified of a “tailhook scandal” they wanted to send an innocent man to prison anyway “because time and money went into an investigation”. Somewhere some commander with balls intervened. I did’t reenlist because of that case. So did a dozen other men.

So yeah. We’re screwed. All of our other mistakes are covered up well with air power. We’re going to find out the hard way how you can’t win a war with Ritalin-kids and drones.


Author: Renegade Scouter

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