Cub Scout Graduation in the Improved Scouting Program

A friend’s youngest boy decided to join a traditional troop in our community and the new cubmaster needed ideas for an appropriately traditional graduation ceremony.

In my boy scouting library is a 1973 printing of “Staging Pack and Den Ceremonies.” Here is a scan of the chapter on graduations.

The older ceremonies were significantly better designed with a dignified, stately language little heard today. This is also the origin of the so-called “bridging” ceremony, an innovation to match the Improved Scouting Program and its emphasis on transferring cub scouts into the boy scouting program. The concept of “bridging” is a reference to the idea of the Boy Scout Trail, leading from cub scouting to American citizenship and Manhood.

Of interest, at this time was a natural link between cub and boy scouting. The Arrow of Light Award, formerly the Webelos Award, came with a signed certificate that qualified a boy as a Tenderfoot scout on acceptance into a troop and payment of his dues. This is a tradition worthy of revival!

Here’s a quick outline of the material:

i.Cub Scout Family Graduationp. 150
ii.Seven Virtues of Lifep. 152
iii.Crossing the Bridgep. 154
iv.Indianp. 156
v.Friendship Fire (Outdoor)p. 158
vi.Bridge to Scoutingp. 160
vii.Archway to Scoutingp. 161
viii.The Milepostp. 164

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