Sing-a-long lyrics added to On My Honor as a Scout march

This is an improved version of the Golden Age of Scouting classic marching song, “On My Honor as a Scout” performed by the Mitchell Boys Choir in the 1954 Hollywood spectacular, “Jamboree.”

Here’s more information from the video’s description:

This is the ultimate version of this long last, “Golden Age of Scouting” marching song ! It has sing-a-long lyrics and newly commissioned sheet music for Piano+Voice and a version for marching band!

UPDATE: MAR 2021: Irvine Historical Society link broken; here is another good story to replace it…

UPDATE FEB 2021: Sheet music for piano and voice available at​

UPDATE Mar 2018:…

UPDATE Aug 2017! Newspaper article:​

This is a rough cut from “Jamboree” (1954) EXTREMELY RARE RECORDING – this is the only known copy and it’s in poor condition from a much spliced original film.

The official Boy Scouts of America documentary motion picture of the 1953 National Jamboree at Camp Irvine, California. Performed by the Mitchell Boys Choir and the Victory Choir.


On my honor as a Scout,
I’ll be loyal, brave and stout
Lend a helping hand,
Let truth command
Take a fighting stand for those in need!
Clean in body, clean in mind
Always honest, always kind
I will do my duty to my God and country
‘On my honor as a Scout.’

Author: Renegade Scouter

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