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What could be easier than establishing a blog to track B.S.A. Inc.’s calumny, assign blame, and rouse the sleeping masses of scouters to the rescue?

ANYTHING ELSE, that’s what.

It turns out B.S.A. Inc. is as murky and sneaky as any unaccountable organization from the mafia to the Congress. It is expert at hiding behind its bureaucracy, not above creating its own “Fake News” and “Fake Polls” to manipulate public opinion, including the parents of its own members.

But most of all, B.S.A. Inc. dares abuse the enormous residual goodwill of the American people to bamboozle them. Its corrupt leadership enriches itself and the nation’s expense — and shoves 1960’s style communist subversion down the throats of America’s boys (and now girls).

Sound crazy? Simple question: did you vote for it? I sure as hell didn’t.

Worse, almost no scouter I’ve met — and I’ve met hundreds of them as a former cubmaster, commissioner, scout father and former scout — has but a vague idea how what happened, happened. They know the headlines but precious little else. That’s by design. From the beginning, B.S.A. Inc. ran itself like a large American corporation exploiting the exciting new discipline of Public Relations through its army of millions of uniformed scouts.

Moreover B.S.A. Inc. amassed an impressive propaganda apparat of intellectual property attorneys, books, magazines, celebrity endorsements, corporate sponsorship, Hollywood, the newspaper and radio industries, and of course it’s Congressional Charter of patriotic monopoly.

In other words, speaking out against the converged, radical feminist-homosexual agenda of the Boy Scout’s leadership is futile, little more than ranting, attracting SJW swarm attacks if not reinforced with solid arguments of fact and raw courage.

Finding, assembling, correlating, processing and digesting those facts is a monumental effort.

You’re on your own for the manly courage.

As this blog approaches 200 posts the surface of B.S.A.’s scheme has barely been scratched. My own comments come off as incoherent outbursts for the sheer astonished rage and inarticulable fury over B.S.A.’s brazen lies.

So here we are.

This blog assembles and hopes to present the facts and logic you need to understand What Happened, Who to Blame and How to Reclaim our beloved Boy Scouting.

It may take years more but we haven’t the time for it. We must act now, however imperfectly.

Renegade Scouter

P.S.: if you have something to contribute — please do. I need your loyal help!!!

For more than a century, the Boy Scouts of America enjoyed a unique trust with the men of America: to provide a method to raise our boys into men of “patriotism, courage, self-reliance, and kindred virtues” by the means of scoutcraft.

The Purposes of Boy Scouts, United States Code

The BSA mission was sore tested in the tumult and confusion of the nineteen seventies.  The disastrous Improved Scouting Program under the brand name “Scouting/USA” stripped “Boy” from the marketing material and cut outdoor activities in favor of unisex feminism, community organizing, drug abuse awareness, and so on. Leadership positions were opened to women in the Jezebel spirit of Women’s Liberation and the Sexual Revolution.

A relic of the 1970s, the logo for “Scouting/USA.” Interestingly, red is the color of socialist revolution.

“Improved” scouting barely survived as millions of families rejected this obvious rejection of American tradition and values.  In 1979 living legend and scourge of BSA Inc “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt was, reluctantly, recalled to active duty, assigned to pick up the pieces and do his best with them.

But the damage was done.  Once boasting 6,500,000 cub and boy scouts in 1972, BSA barely counts 2,000,000 scouts today. *That is a staggering 70% decline against a coincidentally equal population of school aged boys in both years, roughly 24,000,000.

Today’s so-called leaders have, by deception and autocratic diktat, imposed everything the sexual-cultural revolution of the Seventies failed to impose.

Just as before, this betrayal of millions of American boys can be reversed.  We saw this coming and we’ve studied the New Left for decades and understand their goals and methods, their strategy and the tactics they employ.  We recognize the techniques they deploy to weaponize our God-given American values and turn them against us.

Our fathers were taken by surprise.  We aren’t.

We can and will retake scouting and restore it as a beloved American institution.

* BSA inc has taken to inflating its membership count by including all its service lines in its calculation.  Earlier membership figures include only cub and boy scouts.

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