Be Prepared – vintage meme by an unknown shitlord

This poster by an unknown shitlord was ahead of its time. In 1969, the Sexual Revolution was in, ummm, full swing.

But BSA Corp’s stupid Improved Scouting Program, intended to sex-integrate boy scouting along with sexually liberated Europe, wouldn’t be foisted on America’s boys for another three years.

Girl Scouts sued the poster’s publisher to make them destroy it and pay a million bucks for pin money.

The judge was an admitted aficionado of girl scout cookies.

They lost anyway.

Read more about “Girls Scouts of USA v. Personality Posters Mfg Co by clicking here.




UNVEILED: New “Scouts BSA” Pledge

As found on the interwebz

On my honor, I will do my best

To do my duty to Gender Equality

and to obey the Social Justice Warriors

To help other people ;

except those we disagree with

To keep myself equal,

mentally woke and politically correct.