Heartiste: How To Recapture Converged SJW Leftoid Organizations

From the irrepressible, perspicacious, always-in-frame SES appointees at Chateau Heartiste:

How To Recapture Converged SJW Leftoid Organizations

A great comment from R.G. Camara,

There are really only two ways to defeat SJWs once they take over an organization:

1. Let the institution die a slow, painful death while you build another one and keep SJWs out.

2. A massive, one time, blitzkreig strategic/tactical attack where you and some very trusted allies remove all SJWs in one fell swoop—a purge of immense magnitude and blinding speed to prevent any form of defense.

For the blue print on the latter, see how the NRA took the organization back from the SJWs in 1977, in what is now termed “The Cincinnati Revolution“.

If Trump is playing the latter game….expect it to happen in a flash. He knows if he leaves any significant number of SJWs around, they will redouble and use every means necessary—including unleashing black mobs, calling for UN intervention, and releasing gas and biological attacks—to fight the purge.

Either way, the SJWs will desperately try to paint it as a “Night of the Long Knives.”

For a real-time example of a once-admired American institution utterly surrendering to the Veil of SJW Darkness, see the Boy Skirts (née Boy Scouts), which has allowed homosexual scout leaders and girls into the fold, and now requires the availability of condoms to all participants at its global gathering.

The Soy Scouts is lost to us. There’s no salvation that doesn’t involve a mass cleansing of the filth that has infiltrated the organization. Evoking Camara’s point number one, White men and their sons will have to create parallel male-bonding institutions free of the freakqualist poz, and then make sure not even one bitter beauty-destroying leftoid is allowed into the ranks.

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POLL: Is the Castration of Boy Scouts a Good Idea?

BSA Inc Political Jargon: What the hell is “youth” ? ? ?

Never use the language of the Enemy. Our boys are boys. They are not “youth.”

If you’ve subjected yourself to reading anything produced by the BSA Inc since ~ 2010 you are dumbfounded by the strange, cult-like vocabulary deployed.

Chief among this is the curious, strange, even perverted use of “youth.”

@BSAChief Cuck Michael Surbaugh blabbered to us last week,

“That is why it is important that the name for our Scouting program for older youth remain consistent with the single name approach used for the Cub Scouts.”

Historically, “youth” is a noun used to describe a period of someone’s lifetime, “in my youth.” It also refers to the older children of a nation, “the youth of America” but while it is not specifically masculine, it was almost always intended to mean a nation’s older boys and young men poised to assume their rightful place in society.

The BSA Inc uses “youth” to lie. It is a politically correct way to avoid saying “boys” and everyone knows it.

To me, it’s a simple way to discover the BSA Inc’s covert “political officers” among a group of dads. No man in his right mind calls his own son a “youth” and no parent ever smiles and brags of helping raise “youth” to “adulthood.”

No, fathers are proud of their boys and work, sometimes die, to see them into manhood.

Never use the language of the Enemy. Our boys are boys. They are not “youth.”  Saying “youth” instead of “boys” is a sneaky means of normalizing girls in the Boy Scouts. It is exactly the same as call abortion “choice.”

Let our boys be boys. Literally.

Erin Eisner: BSA Inc’s Political Commissar for Smashing of Boys

If you give any support whatsoever to BSA Inc you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy during time of war. I’ve been re-reading Lenin for the past month and it hits me in the gut to see every one of his hellish schemes in play in my beloved America. The traitorous Boy Scouts of America is now a functional Marxist-Leninist stooge front.

H/T reddit /The_Donald/:

AmblingRonin accurately comments, “That’s a modern leftist equivalent to the old Soviet Union’s ‘political commissar.’ “

And he’s right.

BSA is infiltrated. It is converged. It is (and has been) anti-american, anti-chrisitan and anti-man for at least the past five years.

Read Comrade Erin Eisner’s ministry of truth approved biography here.


WND: The left used ‘Milosophy’ to corrupt the Boy Scouts

Milo Yiannopoulos is dead wrong. Sexual relationships between boys and older men never benefit the boys. Selective perception is not reality, and it is right to condemn his statements.

It’s that kind of thinking that has been used by the left for decades to sell pathologically onerous ideas to America.

Consider this scenario. America mourns a crisis, with real human victims and clearly identifiable good guys and bad guys.

But abracadabra, within a few years, the bad guys become the victims, America’s protectiveness is called a “phobia,” the media pound this message incessantly, the bad guys win, and everyone is looking around and saying, “What happened?”

The left keeps doing this – spinning really bad news (for them) into successful assaults on morality, security and Judeo-Christian Western civilization.

They insist illegal immigrants, even if they might be radicalized jihadists, enter America – the country attacked by Islamic terrorists on 9/11. When did non-citizens gain civil-rights protection under the U.S. Constitution?

Saul Alinsky would cheer about how progressives have flipped that issue and also their triumph in thoroughly corrupting the Boy Scouts.

The BSA just revised its national policy to allow a 9- year-old girl in New Jersey to pose as a boy as she joined a Cub Scout pack in Secaucus. The national board opened the door several years ago to open homosexual expression among boys and then their leaders.

The next step? A woman posing as a guy heading a Boy Scout troop. It’s coming, probably this year. And BSA national will cave, fearing a lawsuit.

So how does this lunacy happen considering the history of the Boy Scouts?

In the year 2000, the Scouts won a pivotal case at the U.S. Supreme Court. Boy Scouts of America v. Dale affirmed the right of this private organization to bar the expression of open homosexuality.

However, the Scouts were already reeling from publicity about decades of molestation incidents by some of their leaders. The true extent may never be known, but America was shocked by what was revealed by the Los Angeles Times in a massive file of incidents.

Another Los Angeles Times story described an abusive Scout leader who went on to become an AIDS researcher, with ties to the homosexual community.

He was never arrested. He was ousted from the Scouts, left town, and that was it. The five boys he repeatedly abused carry the scars for life.

Since such incidents occurred while the Boy Scouts still technically prohibited homosexuality among leaders and boys, the sheer volume was used to muscle in the homosexual agenda. “See? These were mostly straight guys, not homosexuals!” But no, it’s likely they were mostly closeted homosexuals.

This is what the left does – magnifies presumed hypocrisy and recommends its twisted replacement version of the truth.

And so the narrative that child molestation is unrelated to “gay” identity got a huge boost. And when that fails, they say, “It’s no big deal.” That’s been the party line of the homosexual lobby and helps open the door for proud homosexuals to waltz into youth organizations, camps and schools.

Except that it’s not true that open homosexual expression poses no threat to youth. Adult males who desire other male adults as partners are more likely than authentically heterosexual males to also be sexually attracted to boys.

Just a quick perusal of websites, magazines and homosexual-themed fiction reveals that the homosexual male subculture continues its perennial worship of the pubescent “boy” as an especially desirable object of sexual pursuit. Why would this be such a frequent theme if it were not common? And Milo says it’s OK – except when he doesn’t. He apparently experienced child sexual abuse.

The Scouts routinely covered up abuses in the ’70s, 80s and 90s. Then the truth emerged.

But Dale was seen as a standard to be smashed in the eyes of many, like Zach Wahls of Scouts for Equality, who, in typical homosexual fashion, makes his own rules, defiantly building a network of local troops that fully accept the “inclusive” national policies, since not all do (and that’s the somewhat good news). Wahls’ group is assisting more “LGBT people” to become Scout leaders.

Yet the Scouts for Equality map shows that fully “inclusive” troops are relatively rare, especially in the Midwest and South. Most troops still don’t advertise homosexuality as an explicit feature, and there are solid reasons for this.

Youth organizations attract in disproportionate numbers people who want to have sexual encounters with kids, and same-gender environments offer heightened access.

Yet “morally straight” has been redefined in Scouting, and many boys will not learn that homosexuality remains deeply disordered, sinful behavior.

The new Boy Scout approach ignores two realities of human interaction and male homosexual/transgendered behavior. One, is that those who engage in deviant behavior are often habitually deceptive.

I know this is a generalization, but it turns out to be largely true. They also, quite obviously, see nothing wrong with the homosexual life and will “sell” it to impressionable youth, even if there is no sexual contact.

We can guarantee, however, that there will be. And how frantically will BSA cover this up in a declining organization, terrified of expensive litigation, betting on the myth that homosexual identity poses no more risk to boys than a heterosexual one?

Two: It doesn’t take actual physical contact to corrupt the mind, heart and spirit of a child. Yet most parents do not want proud homosexuality for their boys. What Scouting parents are now doing is gambling their sons won’t be the ones targeted for repeated innuendos of attraction by a “gay” Scout leader or another peer. They are gambling that the presence of an emotionally disturbed girl who thinks she’s a boy will not sway the real boys to consider the destabilizing influence of “gender fluidity.”

It’s a time bomb, and the BSA is not facing reality – or worse. It’s possible some in leadership have a “Milosophy” that little harm is done.

Parents should keep their boys away.

Media wishing to interview Linda Harvey, please contact media@wnd.com.

Boy Scouting is for Boys: A matter of United States law


[Boy Scouting] is a scheme of placing the boy on honor. In addition to requiring him to live up to a standard or code of laws which insure development of character along proper lines

in 1916, the Sixty-Fourth United States Congress granted the immeasurable benefit of conferring a federal corporate charter on the Boy Scouts of America, ensuring it would be protected and recognized in all forty-eight States and federal territories including Washington, District of Columbia.

House Report 130 Boy Scouts of America to provide detailed rationale for An Act To incorporate the Boy Scouts of America

The rationale for the Boy Scouts, its scope and the degree of support was and is clearly specified as a matter of United States law.

Here is an excerpt of the Judiciary Committee’s report recommending passage of the Resolution:

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BSA Inc follows death spiral of Episcopalian Church, USA

BSA Inc.’s absolutely, astonishingly stupid decisions — imposed on a membership and alumnus base vehemently opposed to them all — directly mirrors the path embraced by the former Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. or simply, the Episcopalians.

I noticed Mark Alexander, the author of “Gay Pride Merit Badge” is like me a former Episcopalian.

There are too many similarities to dismiss as mere coincidence so I wrote an introduction, albeit hasty, so you might research the events yourself and note the eerie similarity to the process underway by the Boy Scout corporation.

Indeed, BSA Inc. actually attempted this scheme in 1972 with the so-called Improved Scouting Program which drove away half its membership within a few years. BSA was forced to walk it back but while the program stabilized its losses, membership never recovered in absolute or relative measures.  What we see today is Improved Scouting Program v2. Little has changed.

The Improved Scouting Program was said to appeal to divorcees, daughters of divorcees, and black urban “youth” (called “boys” by every other speaker of the English language).
Domestically, it was claimed traditional American boy scouting was tainted by the Viet Nam war. BSA must “demilitarize” to be acceptable to the new public sensibility of the American cultural revolution.

In reality, the ISP was intended to conform the Boy Scouts of America to the emerging Western European political consensus of  democratic socialism. Its structural pacifism, feminist sex integration of the workforce, anti-nationalism, and bureaucratic control were thwarted by the scouting movement’s emphasis on individualism, personal preparedness, initiative, and American pride within a structured and uniformed organization.

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