Scoutmaster wins settlement over “Christian roots” letter – UK

You knew this was coming, didn’t you?

From The Christian Concern:

You may remember the story of Brian Walker, a veteran scout leader who was barred from the Scouts after sending a letter to Scouting magazine, challenging the promotion of Islam and LGBT events in the magazine.

After failing in an attempt to have Brian’s legal challenge struck off, the Scout Association has now agreed to settle his claim. The Christian Legal Centre supported Brian as he challenged his removal.

Expelled for concerns about drift from Christian roots

Having dedicated 52 years of his life to the Scout movement, Brian was barred from membership for writing to the movement’s official magazine expressing his concern that the charity was moving away from its Christian roots.

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Teen Who Fought To Join Boy Scouts Attends State Of Union

This is nauseating. Bring on CW2 so we can end this hellish farce now and forever.

Teen Who Fought To Join Boy Scouts Attends State Of Union

BRIDGEHAMPTON, NY — It’s been a big week for Bridgehampton’s Sydney Ireland. Not only did she see historic change she worked tirelessly to affect, kcome to fruition, as the Boy Scouts of America changed its name and allowed girls to join the organization — but on Tuesday, she’ll attend the State of the Union address.

Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney said she decided to bring Ireland, 17, as her guest, inspired by the teen’s efforts to create change.

“Sydney is a high school student who is already breaking barriers for girls and women. She successfully lobbied to join the Boy Scout Troops and is now fighting to be officially recognized as a member with a rank of Eagle Scout,” Maloney said.

Maloney pointed out that girls aged 5 to 10 were permitting into the Cub Scouts in Sept. 2018. And, as of Feb. 1, 2019, girls aged 11 to 17 are allowed into Boy Scouts, now called Scouts BSA.
“I’m so proud to take Sydney Ireland as my guest to the State of the Union,” said Maloney. “Sydney helped take down a century-old barrier to equality and she is now fighting to be the first woman to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout. As those of us in Congress and across the country work to finally guarantee women’s equality in the Constitution by passing the Equal Rights Amendment, I take inspiration from Sydney’s story and am heartened to know that the next generation is ready, willing and able to do what it takes to secure the equality everyone deserves,” she said.

Boy Scouts Is Out, BSA And Girls Are In

Because appropriating masculine culture is good for grrlz. Besides, there’ll be less for the boys and they don’t count anyway.

From the comments:

chefmark Jan 30, 2019 11:02am
I myself do note care for this ruling, If its a group of Girls that are off on there own separate from the Boy’s unless an activity or camparoo, Then they should actually be in Girl Scouts and have them change their rules, that both clubs be allowed for the jamborees and other activities and keep both clubs like they were designed to be and do things to Boost up each child by peers like themselves, Then when there older, well thats when they have ROTC, i just think there to young to mingle, but i also believe they should also have access to make a car out of wood, camping, but The clubs themselves should accommodate those things.

sodaspop Jan 29, 2019 5:37pm
I guess that since the Boy Scouts no longer teach boys how to be men it wouldn’t hurt to let the girls in.

Jan 29, 2019
The Falmouth Enterprise

Starting this Friday, February 1, Falmouth girls can start earning Boy Scout badges.

February 1 marks the renaming of the Boy Scouts of America “Boy Scouts” program to “Scouts BSA” and the incorporation of all-girl troops.

Troop 137 in Falmouth will be part of a national wave of all-girls troops joining Scouts BSA.

They aim to offer girls the same opportunities that have been afforded to boys through the Boy Scouts program, said Diane M. Mahoney, Troop 137’s Scoutmaster.

About 15 girls have already expressed interest in the program, which serves girls from ages 11 through 17.

The girls-only troop will function like other all-male troops in Falmouth. The girls will work toward the same ranks and badges, following the same handbook.

“The requirements for a swimming merit badge will be the same whether you’re a boy or girl,” said Michael R. Riley, scout executive of the BSA Cape Cod and Islands Council.

The only time that troops will mix will be during camporees, special Cape-wide events. Members of co-ed Scouting programs like Venture already attend.

Scouts in every troop, regardless of gender, will get new uniforms from Scouts BSA to reflect the name change, Ms. Mahoney explained. Her troop’s uniforms will not look different from the ones given to the all-boys troops.

Girls who participate in Scouts BSA will also be able to participate in a Girl Scout troop, said Ms. Mahoney. Her youngest daughter, Erin, has been a Girl Scout for a year and plans to participate in both programs.

The new troop is just “one more activity to get them out of the house, get them outside and get them socializing with people,” Ms. Mahoney said.

Girls will be able to work toward Eagle Scout rank for the first time, an achievement previously reserved for Boy Scouts.

The prestigious ranking is awarded to Scouts who complete a set of rigorous requirements by their 18th birthday. It can be listed on college applications and résumés.

The accomplishment is a “recognizable achievement that they have not been able to work at or get as females,” Ms. Mahoney said.

The requirements for the ranking can take at least two years to complete. The national organization added a provision for girls and boys between 16 and 18 joining this year. They will be given extra time to complete the requirements.

Several weekend trips are planned for the new troop that will introduce the Scouts to rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and rifle shooting.

Members of Troop 137 will need to raise funds for all their upcoming trips, but Ms. Mahoney is eager to get started. She does not want financial limitations to prevent anyone from participating in the program.

The February 1 celebration will kick off with an event at L.L. Bean in Mashpee Commons sponsored by the BSA Cape Cod and Islands Council. From 6 to 7:30 PM they will publicly recognize the program name change and the new troops.

Falmouth girls interested in signing up for Troop 137 can head to Waquoit Congregational Church today as early as 6 PM. The Scoutmaster and assistant Scoutmaster will have activities set up to help the prospective scouts start earning patches.

An axe yard, wood tools and knife safety demonstrations will offer new Scouts the opportunity to earn the Totin’ Chip, a safety requirement for carrying pocket knives and using wood tools. Campfire starting and fire safety, as well as outdoor cooking, will also be available.

After the activities, there will be a movie night and sleep-in. Three girls, weather permitting, have expressed interest in camping outside the church that night to get started on their camping merit badge, Gregory Remedis, Troop 137 assistant Scoutmaster, said.

This will be Ms. Mahoney’s first time leading a troop. Mr. Remedis is a veteran in the Scouting scene. He has been a unit coordinator and troop leader for the Girl Scouts as well as a Scoutmaster for Falmouth Boy Scout Troop 42. He is excited to get the program started.

Scouts BSA will seek to address needs that have always existed in the community, said Mr. Riley: “I’ve been working for the Boy Scouts for 39 years and we’ve always been asked, ‘This is a wonderful program for my son, why can’t my daughter do it too’?”

All-girl troops in Yarmouth and Martha’s Vineyard are also slated to be recognized Friday, Mr. Riley said. “I’m personally thrilled. I think it’s a huge step forward,” he added.

Boy Scouts of America, the national organization, announced the addition of girls to its programs in October 2017. Girls have been able to take part in Cub Scouts, the Scouting program that runs from kindergarten through 5th grade, since early 2018. Mr. Riley estimated that there are about 67 girls in Cub Scout troops across the Cape.

BSA addresses program changes to The American Legion

The American Legion knows B.S.A. Inc is pozzed. This is B.S.A.’s attempt to justify its betrayal of America to the very men that sacrifice life and limb for her.
Notice B.S.A. flak made a big deal about citizenship. That’s rich.
First of all, U.S. Code requires B.S.A. to promote patriotism, citizenship being a component of patriotism. The boy scout program stopped promoting patriotism with the Improved Scouting Program. A strong case can be made the first large-format “Boy Scout Handbook”s — replacement for the pocket sized, “Handbook for Boys” — seriously deprecated patriotism which formerly comprised as much as a quarter of the handbook’s text.
This training plaque is from the classic era of the boy scouting movement. Notice the qualities and virtues enshrined along the border.

Boy Scouts of America (BSA) announced last fall that it would begin allowing girls into its Cub Scout and Scouting programs. Other BSA programs, such as Venturing, have already been open to girls. And beginning in February 2019, the Boy Scout program name will change to Scouts BSA to become inclusive.

The vision for BSA with this new change is “to provide an opportunity for girls and young women to share in some of the same benefits as boys have done for years in term of leadership development,” said Lee Shaw Jr., director of National Alliances for BSA.

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5 things to know: Girl Scouts vs. Boy Scouts lawsuit

5 things to know: Girl Scouts vs. Boy Scouts lawsuit

Thousands of younger girls have already joined the cub scouts, and the BSA will also be accepting older girls in 2019.

WASHINGTON — The Boy Scouts of America and the Girl Scouts of the United States of America are about to throw down.

Here’s why: The Boy Scouts is going to drop the word ‘boy’ from its name in by February 2019 and is now allowing girls to join.

That fact has the Girl Scouts organization miffed and fighting back with a lawsuit.

5 things to know: Girl Scouts vs. Boy Scouts lawsuit

#1 The Lawsuit

The GSUSA filed a lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America on November 6, 2018.

RELATED: With girls joining the ranks, Boy Scouts plan a name change

#2 The Allegations

The GSUSA allege the BSA is infringing on its trademark, making unfair competition, and causing a lot of confusion.

#3 How did we get here?

The Boy Scouts plans to drop the ‘boy’ from it’s name next year to attract more girls to it’s now “all-inclusive” program.

It will now be called Scouts BSA.

#4 BSA’s advertisements are reportedly confusing some people.

The Girl Scouts said BSA’s new name and the way the group is advertising is a problem.

The GSUSA said the Boy Scouts do not have a monopoly over words like “scout” or “scouting” and that advertisements have sparked confusion.

In the complaint, the Girl Scouts said the alleged trademark infringement leads some people to think the groups merged or that the Girl Scouts does not exist anymore.

#5 The lawsuit seeks an injunction against trademark violations and compensation.

Thousands of younger girls have already joined the cub scouts, and the BSA will also be accepting older girls in 2019.

This case is under litigation, and both sides are expected to meet with a judge in January.

Lawsuit Against Boy Scouts Details ‘Perversion Files’

Yes, adding tens of thousands of junior feminist GoGrrlz and tomboys — and their Second Wave feminist “PhD moms” with a Social Justice chip on their pocket flap — is the smart thing for BSA Corp. to do in the age of “Pound MeToo.”

It will definitively end the sexual abuse of young boys in the Boy Scouts.



Photo:  Scouts hiking Ohio’s Cuyahoga Trail in 1975, via the National Archives and Records Administration.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (CN) – Claiming the youth organization was infiltrated by pedophiles, an Arkansas man filed a lawsuit saying the Boy Scouts allowed a scout leader accused of sexually assaulting boys in Georgia to relocate and abuse him several years later.

“Since its inception, [the Boy Scouts of America] aggressively marketed the wholesomeness and safety of its programs to the American public,” the complaint states.  “Simultaneously, BSA concealed from scouts and their parents BSA’s certain knowledge that pedophiles had been infiltrating BSA in large numbers for many years.”The complaint, filed Wednesday in Pulaski County Circuit Court, claims the way the Boy Scouts tried to identify sexual abusers within its organization by keeping allegations a secret and discouraging police involvement led to Samuel Otts abusing William Stevens eight times in 1979 and 1980.

Otts helped lead a troop of scouts that met at the Salvation Army in Hot Springs, Arkansas, when Stevens was in his preteens, according to the lawsuit filed by lead attorney Joshua Gillespie of Green & Gillespie.

The suit seeks compensatory damages from the Boy Scouts of America and the Quapaw Area Council for claims of negligence and fraud.

While the statute of limitations has typically long passed for those types of claims, Gillispie wrote in the complaint that the Boy Scouts fraudulently concealed their actions from Stevens.

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Girl Scouts sue Boy Scouts for trademark infringement

Oh this is too delicious. It’s okay to be a Girl Scout!


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