Fox News: Should churches break from Boy Scouts after name change?

Fox news asks Tony Perkins if churches should dump Boy Scouts because, with the trashing of “Boy” from their name, they are not worth supporting. A squishy soiboy named Hale blabbers about boys learning to be men from little girls. Well, it might have been true with him.

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What’s This? Girls Want to Join Boy Scouts? – Gormorgons

Of all places, has a strange piece about the Boy Scouts of America considering accepting girls into their ranks, and the Girl Scouts of America being, well, kinda pissed about it.

The Czar serves as a “committee member at large” for Muscovy’s local troop, although the Troop refers to him as a “consultant at large.” The Czar, as he has mentioned before, teaches the troop (and potentially other troops, provided they ask) all sorts of outdoor and survival skills that most suburban dads haven’t mastered. As a result of this, he’s fairly hip about a lot of things going on inside the organization.

And as far as the Slate story goes, yeah, it’s true. But there’s are a couple of errors or unintentional omissions. Here they are:

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The Boy Scouts of America Decision: Things to Know – Gormognons

What a difference a day makes. The Czar commented only just yesterday about the mystery surrounding the Boy Scouts of America’s consideration of allowing girls to join, and here we are with a full decision to do so.

The Czar could summarize the reaction his local Muscovy troop (the boys, not the adults) had to yesterday’s announcement, but he doesn’t have to: GorT already has to a perfectly matched degree.

The move is extremely controversial, and so far nearly all the negative commentary the Czar has seen on social media seems to be from individuals with no affiliation to scouting whatsoever. Not to rehash GorT’s excellent summary of the decision—which you should read—but in an attempt to quash some myths, here are some items to understand:

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Disappointment — Gormongons

Here is a practical discussion common among boy scout volunteers, “How can I make this work?”

God bless such dedicated Scouters but truth is (and don’t I know it) they enable the mendacity of the commies and sell-outs in BSA Corp’s Dallas headquarters.

And a question: Why is this treachery always framed as whether girls can do the same work as boys? That’s asinine and perhaps worse.

The only question that matters is, What about our sons?

C.f., American pragmatism.

Boy Scouts of America

GorT stopped and just stared at the news report on TV last night as they were announcing that the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are rolling out a plan to include girls in the program. I’m not sure exactly where I want to start with this so pardon me if this post wanders.

GorT is an Eagle Scout and enjoyed his time in BSA. And, until this decision, was seriously considering getting back into Scouting in some form now that his kids are largely out of the house….maybe as a Merit Badge counselor or advisor to a local Troop. Nope. Not anymore.

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Vox Day: Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome in the US Navy

Does this surprise anyone? If the ladies were suited to the job of sailing, they’d have been doing it for several thousands of years already.

Notice how noticing this is dismissed with a nasty accusation of “SEXIST!!!!” but really the question is, Why do these women want to act like men? Is that a good thing?

The “Boy” Scouts will learn this lesson soon enough.

Heavy sigh. . . and be ready to pick up the pieces when it collapses around us, without warning we’ll be assured.

From Vox Day’s blog:

Monday, July 16, 2018

Hultgreen-Curie Syndrome in the US Navy

No wonder the Chinese are confidently expanding their blue water navy and asserting their control over the South China Sea. The gender-integrated U.S. Navy can’t even manage to sail straight without getting its sailors killed.

In an 11-hour hearing, prosecutors painted a picture of Lt. Irian Woodley, the ship’s surface warfare coordinator, and Lt. Natalie Combs, the tactical action officer, as failing at their jobs, not using the tools at their disposal properly and not communicating adequately. They became complacent with faulty equipment and did not seek to get it fixed, and they failed to communicate with the bridge, the prosecution argued. Had they done those things, the government contended, they would have been able to avert the collision.

That two of the officers — Coppock and Combs — involved in this fatal incident were female suggests that discipline and training standards have been lowered for the sake of “gender integration,” which was a major policy push at the Pentagon during the Obama administration. It could be that senior officers, knowing their promotions may hinge on enthusiastic support for “gender integration,” are reluctant to enforce standards for the women under their command.
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Trail Life: Boy Scouts Lost in Woods of Political Correctness

With Boy Scouts Lost in Woods of Political Correctness, Compass for the Masculine Journey Desperately Needed

Concerned about how co-ed trends are negatively affecting their sons, many parents turning to Trail Life USA for character and life lessons

Contact: Adam McManus,

BELTON, S.C., May 2, 2018 /Standard Newswire/ — With the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) having completely lost their way in the woods of co-ed political correctness, many parents believe that someone else needs to provide a compass for young men’s masculine journey.

Stepping forward—and drawing wide support—is Trail Life USA (, a faith-based outdoor adventure program offering the kind of boys-only character and leadership development opportunities needed for learning what it really means to be a man.

Rapidly growing membership has boomed even more in the past few months, since the BSA dropped its long-time boys-only policy.

Trail Life USA CEO Mark Hancock, former advertising executive turned professional counselor, is available for interview and guest appearances. Also an award-winning writer and speaker, he has raised the alarm about the latest rounds in what he calls the ongoing “war on boyhood” that threatens society.

Among the recent concerns:

Well-intentioned as these kind of moves may be, they are alarmingly all wrong, says Hancock.  Confined to classroom settings more suited to girls, and denied rough-and-tumble experiences that help them learn and grown, it is no wonder “boys are struggling,” he believes.

“They are losing out and not developing as strong, capable men because we are not letting them be fully boys,” he says. “Weakened expectations and participation trophies have led to our culture producing unproductive narcissists.

“They are unproductive because we’ve never expected anything from them and they are narcissists because we’ve never let them fail.”

The BSA move and others are part of a climate that is unquestionably having a negative impact on boys, says Hancock, as evidenced in government statistics that show they are:

  • three times more likely to be enrolled in special education
  • four times more likely to be diagnosed ADHD
  • outnumbered two to one in top-10 senior rankings

As Trail Life USA membership grows, with more parents looking for an appropriate development program for their boys, now is a perfect time to consider the important issues the organization’s growing popularity raises:

  • Why being politically correct is developmentally wrong, for everyone involved.
  • How to raise real men in the light of the #MeToo movement.
  • Where and how the Boys Scouts of America went wrong and what needs to be done.

We can help you address such topics by connecting you with Mark Hancock, Trail Life USA participants and supporters, and other materials.

Since it was founded in 2013, Trail Life USA has been embraced enthusiastically by families seeking a faith-based nurture and activity program based on traditional values. Today there are almost 30,000 members in almost 750 troops across 48 states. The organization has seen significant growth since the BSA’s decision to welcome girls.

Typically chartered by local churches, Trail Life USA troops offer a K-12 program centered on outdoor experiences that build young men’s skills and help them grow on a personal level and as role models and leaders for their peers.

Trail Life USA ( is a Christian outdoor adventure, character and leadership program for boys and young men, K-12. Chartered through churches in 48 states, the program centers on outdoor experiences and biblical values that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.

Destroying the Boy Scouts

May 31, 2018

On May 1, the Boy Scouts of America took the “boy” out of the Boy Scouts of America, renaming itself “Scouts BSA.” Though the Supreme Court in 2000 had upheld longstanding policies restricting membership to boys, the ban on gay scouts was lifted in 2013 and a ban on gay scoutmasters was eliminated in 2015. Last year, the Scouts agreed to admit biological females who identify as boys. Now the organization has lifted all membership restrictions, including the requirement that Boy Scouts be boys.

It isn’t clear what problem this solves. Girls already have an organization—the Girl Scouts—that embodies many of the values promoted by the Boy Scouts. In fact, some feminist critics of Scouts BSA’s move see it as a nefarious attempt to poach girls due to flagging membership—Boy Scout numbers have plummeted from 4 million in 1990 to 2.1 million today. But if the Girl Scouts become collateral casualties here, don’t expect regret from radical activists pushing for “inclusion.” The radicals’ fervent belief that differences between the sexes are socially constructed means that any group or organization that maintains those differences must be transformed. With the Court’s 5-4 ruling in favor of the Scouts’ right to exclusionary membership making lawsuits fruitless, activists decided on public relations warfare, pressure on corporate backers, and accusations of bigotry or sexism. These efforts have proved remarkably effective.

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