2015: Why Boy Scouts stance on gay leaders leaves it in limbo – CSM

Learn your history if you want to avoid the same failure next time around.

From the Christian Science Monitor:

The Boy Scouts have tried to strike a compromise on gay rights, but the continuing uproar from both sides shows how difficult that is.

The Boy Scouts of America were expected Monday to lift the group’s controversial ban on gay adult leaders, citing a changed legal landscape that no longer allows for such a ban.

At the same time, the group reaffirmed the right of local faith-based groups, many of which sponsor Boy Scout troops, to continue to set their own hiring policies.

It’s a compromise that, in the end, is likely to anger people on both sides of the gay-rights issue and that points to the difficulty for an organization like the Boy Scouts – which is increasingly tied with religious groups – that may try to stake out a middle ground on such a fraught issue.

“You’ve got a highly divided organization,” says Richard Ellis, a political science professor at Willamette University in Salem, Ore., and the author of “Judging the Boy Scouts of America.” “Now it’s not clear that even this solution, which is an attempt to get the [gay rights] issue out of the way, can do it, because nobody is happy with it.”

In some ways, the Boy Scouts are emblematic of the struggle that much of conservative America, and particularly conservative religious organizations, have had as they try to remain relevant, and compliant with the law, in a rapidly shifting legal landscape.

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American Heritage Girls Responds to BSA’s Co-Ed Program Acceptance

CINCINNATI,  Feb. 1, 2019 /Christian Newswire/ — The Issue: Boy Scouts of America-now coined Scouts BSA- officially announced its decision to welcome both boys and girls into its program on Feb. 1, 2019. While co-ed troops are not part of this change, the once boys-exclusive organization will now allow girls to participate in the Boy Scouts curriculum.

Amid this announcement, American Heritage Girls would like to reiterate its belief in the benefits of a Christ-centered, girl-focused, outdoor-adventure program that is specifically tailored to the needs of a girl. Founded over two decades ago by Executive Director and Founder, Patti Garibay, AHG remains committed to celebrating a girl’s journey of discovery of who she is and whose she is in Christ today and in the future. AHG believes that allowing girls to grow physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually with other girls is key to building women of integrity.

Learn more about AHG and the benefits of a Christ-centered, outdoor adventure and girl-focused program through a conversation with AHG Executive Director and Founder, Patti Garibay.

When: Patti is available for interviews. Please contact AHG Media Relations Specialist Megan Rose to make arrangements.

LGBT, Gay Feminist Left attack on masculinity is really about the Bible


Traditional Masculinity under attack: Prepare your boys

We wage war not against flesh but principalities and for decades, they have meticulously prepared an attack against Christian values. The Bible predicts a war, and it’s coming on all sides. It began with the LGBTQ and Feminist rights, under “leftist ideology.” They have succeeded so far in allowing male transgender in women’s sports, for transgender males to participate in beauty pageants and actually win, allowing boys to be members of ‘Girl’s Scout,’ and introducing “homosexual and transgender education” in elementary schools.

Masculinity is branded as “toxic” and is responsible for the many woes in American society. It exploded with Harvey Weinstein, giving way to the #MeToo movement which has evolved to attack men in general. In short, everything is blamed on tyrannical patriarchy by leftist ideology.

The gaying of America

The “gaying of America” is evident on TV, movies, and fashion. In 2018, Celine Dion launched Nununu, a clothing line where boys can wear girl’s clothes and vice-versa, under the pretense of fluidity and anti-discrimination. Some saw it as demonic and exorcist. Laws are being placed to remove gender pronouns and boys are in danger of growing up in an environment where women and transgender not only dominate the media but dictates how boys should be boys.

The emasculation of men

In 2019, we see a new movement rising and its the emasculation of men, under the pretense of a social revolution against tyrannical patriarchy. Consider the latest American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines on “traditional masculinity.” They suggest parent should not expose “traditional masculinity” among boys. “Stoicism, competitiveness, dominance, and aggression is harmful,” according to APA guidelines. Thus the iconic images of Hercules (Kevin Sorbo) or Rambo (Sylvester Stallone) are deemed inappropriate for boys growing into men.

“Clinicians are encouraged by APA to recognize their own biases when dealing with males,” said Ronald F. Levant, EdD, University of Akron. But here is the thing, clinician Jordan Peterson whose sudden rise to fame because of his lectures on Youtube on political correctness is shaking up how groups like APA make assumptions on feminism and sexuality. Although Peterson doesn’t say he is a Christian, his views on masculinity support the Biblical tradition on how boys to men should behave. The APA, the LGBTQ, and Feminists say the opposite.

LGBT and gay feminists groups who are up and arms against traditional masculinity have an “insane narrative generated by a tiny minority of people,” says Peterson. Yet people listen because of the great deception (2 Peter 2:1–3). We should not wonder that towards the last days, the world will be introduced to demonic preaching hidden in intellectual fallacies (2 Timothy 3).

Why is this happening now?

For thousands of years, men have led to the rise and fall of civilization. Leaders in the Bible were mostly men and homosexuals were outcast. Women (or gays) were not given equal rights to men. Thus instilled tyrannical patriarchy to which the LGBTQ and Feminist demand change. Most societies are partly to blame because it has allowed men to treat women with disrespect.

Warning to Christian parents

The greater reason why this is happening is because traditional masculinity is difficult to control in tyrannical socialism. Socialism wants to promote equality and it is rooted with Lucifer, who first claimed equality with God. These are all part of the bigger agenda of Satan. A spiritual war is coming, prepare your children who will face the battle soon.

What parents can do

“Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue,” says John Eldridge, author of Wild at Heart. Young boys are naturally inclined to wanting a mission. As a young adult, he needs to know his identity as a man. “Only then is he fit for a woman, for only then does he have something to invite her into,” said Eldridge.

Every man longs for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue.

Parents must protect their boys into growing up the way males are supposed to be – to be strong, lead, and respect the women, the helpless, and the innocent. It begins by having a strong and responsible Father, who is not only a good provider but someone who leads by example. Share these Bible verses with your boys: 1 Peter 3:71 Timothy 3:1-71 Peter 2:17Philippians 2:31 Timothy 5:1-2;

WATCH VIDEO: Jordan Peterson and Tucker Carlson on the decline of masculinity

Whither the Boy Scouts of America?

Norm Silber speaks for many of us. Perhaps the majority. For those of us with sons who are active boy scouts, it’s not so simple. You see, B.S.A. Inc damnably leveraged our boys’ love of scouting in a way that we would take the heat for pulling them out of boy scouts. Mike Surbaugh, Rex Tillerson, Randall Stephenson weaponize boy scouting . . . but dad is the bad guy.

Robert Gates must have been one heluva spook in his day. Not only does he lie with true talent, his is an evil genius.

Dear God in heaven, administer thy justice upon this land and its inhabitants according to they will. Amen.

BY / 4 FEBRUARY 2019

A major goal of the left and its fellow-travelling PC Police seems to be the demolition of most of the traditional pillars of American culture and family values.  The changes in the Boy Scouts of America, which used to be thought of as being like motherhood and apple pie, can serve as an excellent example of their recent successes in doing so.

In 2017, the organization then called the “Boy Scouts of America,” which had been formed in 1910 under a federal charter, adopted a major change in its policy regarding membership, a full 2 years before its most recent change in membership and the formal change of its name to “Scouts,” to recognize that it was starting to recruit young girls into its programs.

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Federalist: What’s Wrong With The Boy Scouts Goes Deeper Than Social Issues Into Cowardice

A program that once embraced difficulty—even danger—has traded its soul for happy helicopter parents and freedom from liability.

What’s wrong with the Boy Scouts?

As an Eagle Scout, the son of an Eagle Scout, and a professional with the Boy Scouts of America for about eight years, I have heard this question a lot this last week. The Boy Scouts of America just announced that they would allow girls to join their program, even earn the rank of Eagle Scout, and many people are confused. After all, it seems patently absurd that a program built for boys, which actually has the word “boy” in its name, would suddenly be appropriate for girls too.

So what is wrong with the Boy Scouts? I do not think, at its root, it is simply that the Boy Scouts capitulated on a whole range of controversial social issues—though they surely have changed with popular culture. I think these changes are actually symptomatic of a deeper problem within the BSA. To put it simply: the Boy Scouts are too safe.

Essentially, the Boy Scouts of America has abandoned its original insight into the soul of boys: They are natural warriors. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are girls out there who love to play cops and robbers, and boys out there who love playing with dolls. But we all know that, in general, whether it is biologically or culturally transmitted, boys like to play at war and girls don’t. This central vision into the nature of boys was what sparked the Scouting movement.

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What’s the Real Problem with the Boy Scouts Today?


Society is going to regret dissolving and confusing masculinity.  The Boy Scouts have announced that girls will be allowed to join, and will even be allowed to become Eagle Scouts, which, of course, caused a ruffle with, ya know, the Girl Scouts.   I think many people will, again, blame feminism, but as I’ve argued elsewhere, I think there are cultural and technocratic forces breaking down masculinity more than some existential threat from man-haters.

Obviously, the leadership of the BSA has lost sight of the boy, because they have lost sight of the human person – and what causes that?  My friends, it is bureaucracy that is the terrible and unrecognized force that is eroding authentic manliness, expressed in culture and tradition, and creates males ill suited for challenges and love.  Let me explain…

Because formation only happens in actual cultures made up of people, places, and tradition, bureaucracy is the enemy of formation.  Bureaucrats create systems that they then submit in toto to, relinquishing their own responsibility and human authority (“Sorry I can’t help you because the system wont let me do that…”).  People and other such things do not work in the so-called “efficiency” of the bureaucracy, so their humanity must be worked around or suppressed, along with their culture and traditions.

To keep bureaucracy humming, it is necessary to reduce as much as possible the diversity of human interactions and expressions.  Dissolving local expressions, customs, and even laws that are contrary to the march of the bureaucracy is a must.  Allowances are announced, but in the end everyone is expected to get in line (“If you like your scout troop you can keep your scout troop.”)

Bureaucratic bodies breed the opposite of sacrifice, because everyone is asked to sacrifice to the imposed order, not for a body of people.  Like most existing bureaucracies the BSA began with persons serving human needs, but, also like most bureaucracies, they became just one more “autonomous meta-institution that largely serves itself…” as Neil Postman describes such things.[1]  The language they used in the announcement is a telltale sign of the self-serving, unaccountable, meta-institution:

“We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children.”

The royal “we” is the faceless bureaucracy that has spokesmen in the place of men, and the decisions are not made by leaders but by the “evolving needs” of progress (“Sorry I can’t help you the system wont let me do that…”), and the boys and girls are no longer boys and girls but the flattened out group of “children”.  My friends – the party’s over.  I’m sorry for you volunteers that have sacrificed for this thing.  The paid bureaucrats just sold the soul of the thing you loved.  The good news is that you were actually giving yourself for the boys (unless your motivation was distorted), and that gift has been received and was worth it.  Thank you, but move along now, your energy is needed elsewhere.

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