Boy Scouting is for Boys: A matter of United States law

[Boy Scouting] is a scheme of placing the boy on honor. In addition to requiring him to live up to a standard or code of laws which insure development of character along proper lines

in 1916, the Sixty-Fourth United States Congress granted the immeasurable benefit of conferring a federal corporate charter on the Boy Scouts of America, ensuring it would be protected and recognized in all forty-eight States and federal territories including Washington, District of Columbia.

House Report 130 Boy Scouts of America to provide detailed rationale for An Act To incorporate the Boy Scouts of America

The rationale for the Boy Scouts, its scope and the degree of support was and is clearly specified as a matter of United States law.

Here is an excerpt of the Judiciary Committee’s report recommending passage of the Resolution:

The Boy Scout movement is … intended to supplement and enlarge established modern educational facilities in activities in the great and healthful out of doors where may be the better developed physical strength and endurance, self-reliance, and the powers of initiative and resourcefulness, all for the purpose of establishing through the boys of today the very highest type of American citizenship. It tends to conserve the moral, intellectual, and physical life of the coming generation, and in its immediate results does much to reduce the problem of juvenile delinquency in the cities…The importance and magnitude of its work is such as to entitle it to recognition and its work and insignia to protection by Federal incorporation. The Scout scheme is based upon the methods involved in educating the boy. It is a scheme of placing the boy on honor. In addition to requiring him to live up to a standard or code of laws which insure development of character along proper lines, it requires him to study in order to pass certain tests of qualification. The passing of these various tests ~ is recognized by the award of appropriate badges or medals and insignia.

Adding females, real or pretend, to the Boy Scouts is against the literal U.S. law.

How long before an enterprising U.S. attorney — or group of Scouting alumni — sue to enforce the law on the BSA Inc?

BSA Inc follows death spiral of Episcopalian Church, USA

BSA Inc.’s absolutely, astonishingly stupid decisions — imposed on a membership and alumnus base vehemently opposed to them all — directly mirrors the path embraced by the former Protestant Episcopal Church in the U.S.A. or simply, the Episcopalians.

I noticed Mark Alexander, the author of “Gay Pride Merit Badge” is like me a former Episcopalian.

There are too many similarities to dismiss as mere coincidence so I wrote an introduction, albeit hasty, so you might research the events yourself and note the eerie similarity to the process underway by the Boy Scout corporation.

Indeed, BSA Inc. actually attempted this scheme in 1972 with the so-called “Improved Scouting Program” which drove away half its membership within a few years. BSA was forced to walk it back within a few years.  What we see today is “Improved Scouting Program v2.” Little has changed.

The Improved Scouting Program was said to appeal to divorcees, daughters of divorcees, and black urban “youth” (called “boys” by every other speaker of the English language).
Domestically, it was claimed traditional American boy scouting was tainted by the Viet Nam War. BSA must “demilitarize” to be acceptable to the “new” public sensibility.

In reality, the ISP was intended to conform the Boy Scouts of America to NATO’s emerging political consensus of  democratic socialism. Its structural pacifism, feminist sex integration of the workforce, anti-nationalism, and bureaucratic control were thwarted by the Scouting movement’s emphasis on individualism preparedness, initiative, and national pride within a structured and uniformed national organization.

In NATO countries, single-sex Scouting programs were sex-integrated and deprecated, losing significant male membership in what was seen, from a geopolitical perspective, as a preemptive move against resurgent European nationalism.

The photo below is a BSA paid “product placement” in the popular sci-fi tv series, “Battlestar Galactica”. Note the uniforms are heavily “Red” not the Boy Scout’s traditional olive drab.  Notice several girls are present – the plan was full sex integration and some units were indeed sex-integrated.

Although the official records are silent, the author witnessed girl Boy Scouts with his own eyes at a council-wide gathering in 1975. His parents pulled him from the program shortly afterwards.


Scouting USAMore Galactica ScoutsThe logo for BSA’s aborted 1972 reboot called “The Improved Scouting Program” or, in a typically 1970’s unisex branding strategy, the feminist friendly “Scouting/USA” as portrayed in this frame from a paid product placement in the popular 1970’s sci-fi television program, “Battlestar Galactica.”
Click here for Scouting Rediscovered’s telling of “Scouting/USA” and how Boy Scouting in America was saved in by a return to tradition and orthodoxy.


A quick review of the fall of the Episcopalians

Tacitly approving female priests

It was once inconceivable PECUSA would, by degrees, fall to Satan but fall it did. First they grudgingly accepted the “irregular” (i.e., illegal) ordination of females as #FakePriests in Philadelphia. (If you’ve wondered why BSA Inc.’s national board brags about years of law-breaking female “boy” scouts already in our units, this is their inspiration.)

Acceptance of homosexual clergymen

Then PECUSA turned from looking away from openly homosexual priests to embracing them. Celibacy for unmarried clergymen was deemed obsolete: homosexuals were prohibited from marrying their partners in crime, thus the Bible was adjusted to accommodate. The Infamous Bishop John S. Spong was a forerunner of BSA’s Rex Tilllerson and Robert Gates.

Radical revisions of canon law, the Book of Common Prayer, and hymnal

The prayerbook was changed and ancient doctrine flushed away. The form and outward appearance was deliberately made to resemble the authentic book, the better to fool the ignorant into accepting what was a radical remaking of the Episcopalian religion. Notably, Holy Matrimony was erased, replaced with something called “marriage.” (Persons to be “married” are not even required to be Christian in this “celebration” of an essentially pagan relationship.)

The pretentiously named “The Hymanl” hymnal became “gender neutral” in language and “Good Christian Friends” rejoiced at Christmastime.

Had the Episcopalians healed their 400 year old rift with the Quakers?  No. It’s just “Good Christian Men Rejoice” was too much for the tender sensitivities of the #FakePriests and their blue hair feminist congregants to endure.

Homosexuals, females, advanced through the ranks into senior leadership

Soon, open and avowed homosexuals were made into pretend bishops, Paul’s admonitions notwithstanding. Hard on the heels of that insult to God, female pretend bishops hit the scene, in a word-for-word repetition of the argument for female line officers in the Armed Services.

National Giveth and Taketh Away “Local Option” of Conscience

Local diocese, indeed local parishes, were permitted the “local option” clause and allowed to eschew morally offensive queer and female “bishops” . . . for a short while. Soon enough, the church hierarchy pronounced sufficient time elapsed and all Episcopalians must accept the fake bishops. Period. No exceptions, one’s personal conscience be damned.

Defiance of St Matthew v:25

If a parish attempted to flee and join, say, the Reformed Episcopal Church or one of the emerging foreign missions from Africa’s orthodox Anglican bishops, a never-ratified church canon was used to claim before the courts that parish properties were in fact held in “trust” by the national body, despite parish vestries holding clear title to their real estate and even if the parishes predated the Episcopal corporation by virtue of colonial pedigrees.

Remaking Ancient Doctrine

A few weeks ago, the Episcopal diocese of Washington D.C. dared claim God was no longer a “he” and vowed to eliminate all masculine pronouns from its liturgy.

With its highly political push for open borders and unrestricted immigration, the Episcopalians violate Old Testament law and bring about their own damnation.

Deuteronomy xix:14 says, “Thou shalt not remove thy neighbour’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which thou shalt inherit in the land that the LORD thy God giveth thee to possess it.”

Several paragraphs later Deuteronomy xxvii:17 lays out the punishment, “Cursed be he that removeth his neighbours landmark. And all the people shall say, Amen.”

Practical Results of Reimagined Episcopalianism

It should be mentioned, all the above-listed innovations, heresies and blasphemies were sold at the time as necessary to maintain “social relevance” and thereby increase membership as defined by Average Sunday Attendance. Dr David Virtue carefully documents the Episcopalian PR, their actions and the results at his blog, which I’ve linked.

Membership and Sunday attendance in the Episcopalian church plummeted and thousands of parishes went out of business as elderly parishioners, remaining for sentimental reasons only, died without young families and their children to replace them. The chart below ends in 2007 before the bruising internal fights over homosexual and female bishops led hundreds of parishes to leave the church or close for want of parishioners. The steep drop ca 1971 coincides with the open push for female priestesses, abandonment of the traditional Book of Common Prayer (replaced by experimental liturgies common in the Seventies) and an emphasis on social justice at the expense of the Gospel.



So it is with the BSA Inc., almost play for play.

We cannot simply walk away this time. There is no comparable, institutional alternative to the Boy Scouts of America. To lose it is contrary to the Scout Oath and Law and will deprive our boys of the only viable channel to learn manliness with their fathers.

Therefore, we must fulfill the Scout Oath and Law and retake our BSA.

BSA Decline

ARCHIVES: The Boy Scouts’ ‘Gay Pride’ Merit Badge


The Boy Scouts’ ‘Gay Pride’ Merit Badge

The Heterophobic Gender Deniers and the Future of the BSA

Mark Alexander · Jun. 6, 2016

“[A] good moral character is the first essential in a man, and that the habits contracted at your age are generally indelible, and your conduct here may stamp your character through life. It is therefore highly important that you should endeavor not only to be learned but virtuous.” –George Washington (1790)

“On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.” (Oath, Boy Scouts of America)

In January of 2013, in a letter to an Eagle Scout, my son, I responded to his dismay over a proposal by the Boy Scouts of America National Board to remove the membership restriction regarding sexual orientation. As a long-time BSA Council member, Troop leader and father of another young man about to attain his Eagle rank, I shared my older son’s dismay – to put it mildly. My younger son is also on an Eagle Scout track.

In May of 2013, the Left’s relentless campaign of cultural degradation and devolution, specifically their crusade to undermine the “third pillar of Liberty,” faith and family, succeeded in a decade-long strategy to do to the uniformed ranks of the BSA what Barack Hussein Obama and his heterophobic gender deniers have done to the uniformed ranks of the U.S. military (and the rest of the nation).

At its annual meeting in May, the BSA’s National Board, under the “leadership” of wealthy corporate-types completely out of touch with grassroots Scouting values, promoted and implemented a national policy to invite open homosexuals into Scout troops. In doing so, they intentionally opened the door for a much broader “gay agenda.” Many of those elitist BSA board members have already implemented that agenda within their own corporations, so they fully understand and eagerly anticipate the consequences of this BSA policy change. That such people have been elected to the BSA National Board is a disgrace.

Predictably, in May, 2015 the BSA’s national board announced that it was surrendering to the “gay lobby” and would open its ranks to adult homosexual leaders.)

Predictably, in 2017, the BSA’s national board announced that it will open its ranks to transgendered “boys.” And so it goes…

As you might recall, one of Obama’s earliest campaign promises was to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” proscription against open homosexuality in the military ranks. On December 22, 2010, Obama signed that repeal after it had been passed by his outgoing NeoCom House majority. This occurred just weeks before Tea Party Republicans, who decimated the Democrats in the 2010 midterm elections, took over the House.

Consistent with his assault on the moral fiber of our military, Obama quickly gave this verbatim endorsement of homosexuals scouts and leaders in the BSA: “I think that, uh, you know, my attitude is, is that gays and lesbians should have, uh, access, and, and, opportunity, uh, the same way everybody else does, uh, in every institution and walk of life, and, um, you know, the, the Scouts are a great institution, uh, that, are, uh, promoting, uh, young people and exposing them to, uh, you know, opportunities, and, and…” ad nauseam.

As dictated by the laws of gravity, the political effluent from Obama’s pathological narcissism, and the most faith-intolerant administration in the history of our Republic, flows downhill. On May 23, it swamped the BSA with its fetid waste.

The BSA national board’s 2013 decision to advance the lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgendered ilk’s so-called “gay pride” agenda (“gay pride” is an oxymoron), is a case study in how the LBGT crowd infiltrates and undermines great American institutions with its degenerate pathology. But the case study really begins much earlier.

For two decades, the BSA has been stacking its national board with elitist execs, because they hobnob around in wealthy circles and can collect money for national BSA projects. While most BSA regional Councils like the one I serve are self-supporting, and in fact send a small percentage of locally raised funds to support the BSA corporate office, the national BSA board has obligated itself to major real estate developments that are seriously underfunded – thus, a Faustian Bargain – attract affluent board members who can raise a lot of money, but who also bring agendas which are antithetical to the fundamental principles of Scouting.

The BSA is, first and foremost, a faith-based organization, and the idolatry of wealth inevitably repels faith as oil does water. Consequently, stacking the national board with corporate elitists has resulted in the same decay in the BSA that it has in other once-great institutions across the nation. Indeed, “The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” And that evil is greatly amplified when such men are in positions of power, because, in the words of Lord Acton, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

In a national survey conducted in 2013, tens of thousands of BSA leaders registered their objection to a BSA policy change on homosexuals, by a 61 percent majority. While I would rather the majority have been larger, in political terms, that’s known as a landslide. Now, my moral compass is not determined by popular opinion, but this national polling did reflect the grassroots moral compass of the BSA. It’s interesting to note that the more experienced the Scout leaders were (e.g., Boy Scout leaders compared to Cub Scout leaders), the greater was the opposition to the BSA board’s proposed change.

But at the national meeting in May of that year, a much smaller group of 1,200 delegates voted to approve the policy change. That change would have been resoundingly defeated but for one person: Wayne Perry, the National Board President. Perry, a Mormon, convinced many of his fellow LDS Church members – one of the larger voting blocks of Scout Troop chartering organizations – to support the policy change, suggesting that it would be better to bring young homosexuals into the tent to surround them with sound moral and ethical teaching than to exclude them.

That sounds marginally logical on its face, but two decades ago, I fought a losing battle against a detached elite at the helm of the Episcopal Church USA, which promoted the acceptance of homosexuals under a similar doctrine, “love the sinner.” However, no sooner had the first homosexual bishop, Vicky Imogene Robinson, been seated than the old doctrine was converted to “love the sin,” which has undermined the moral foundation of the Church. The result has been the World Anglican Communion’s condemnation as apostate what’s left of ECUSA. The USA church is wealthy, however, and it can sustain itself materially if not spiritually.

For the record, the same foundational principals provoke my objection to the “gay agenda” infiltration of the BSA as that agenda in the Episcopal Church. I do not stand in judgment of what consenting adults want to do with each other behind closed doors, but I do object to the institutionalization of sexual behavior, which violates the most basic tenets of nature, and nature’s God. The tragic irony is that many of the loudest voices promoting the “normalization” of sexual deviation, including homosexual adults in “leadership roles” with young boys, are the voices of those who were subjected to sexual predation when they were young.

For the BSA, the misguided Mormon vote, combined with large representative voting blocs from the left coast and New England states, provided majority support for the homosexual policy change and the overturning of the “morally straight” clause of the Scout Oath. Many of those regional Scout Councils are, like the Episcopal Church USA, wealthy enough to be self-sustaining, but when this policy takes effect on January 1, 2014, the net effect will likely be similar to Canada Scouting. In that country, membership dropped more than 50 percent in the decade after a similar policy was adopted.

The Southern Baptist Convention, a major BSA faith-based chartering group, announced that it plans to cut ties to the BSA. In addition, one of the nation’s largest churches, Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, announced that it will not renew its Troop charter. Additionally, the first Scout Council Executive, Rob Green, submitted his letter of resignation, with others to follow.

And if you have any doubt that the “gay agenda” has far greater aspirations for infiltrating the Boy Scouts, look no further than the California State Senate, which passed a bill to revoke the tax-exempt status of the state’s BSA councils, accusing them of discrimination against homosexual adults – “gay” Scout leaders.

Obama once again proclaimed the month of June “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month,” as he has done in each of the first four years of his abominable administration.

Obama declared, “For more than two centuries, our Nation has struggled to transform the ideals of liberty and equality from founding promise into lasting reality. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Americans and their allies have been hard at work on the next great chapter of that history – from the patrons of The Stonewall Inn who sparked a movement to service members who can finally be honest about who they love to brave young people who come out and speak out every day. … We have a long way to go, but if we continue on this path together, I am confident that one day soon, from coast to coast, all of our young people will look to the future with the same sense of promise and possibility. I am confident because I have seen the talent, passion, and commitment of LGBT advocates and their allies, and I know that when voices are joined in common purpose, they cannot be stopped.”

Apparently, according to Obama’s American history text, our Founders’ fight for Liberty, and that of generations since, was all about “gay rights.”

In the wake of two devastating Obama terms, the institutional and cultural damage done by his leftist cadres is wide and deep.

“Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” –George Washington

Flashback: past-president Wayne Perry says God wants homosexual scouts

Anonymous Conservative believes inverted sexual dimporhism is the direct consequence of a resource glut in a species’ habitat. Past BSA president Wayne Perry, a devout Mormon, is proof positive. Not only did he say God wants homosexual boy scouts (and in this editorial he says “him/her” presaging the suicidal admission of girl Boy Scouts), he’s the financial genius that devastated BSA Inc’s independence, making them 100% dependent on Fortune 500 and possibly U.S. federal government bailout cash.

The editorial below is a poor attempt to justify BSA Inc’s moral capitulation in exchange for corporate cash. Worse, he lies. He lies to our faces, proven by subsequent diktat that embraced homosexual adult volunteers and of course the insanity of telling young girls they are “boy scouts” — to hell with the effect on our sons, which is never considered.

From USA Today’s May 22, 2013 edition:

BSA President Wayne Perry says ending the BSA’s restriction on gay youth membership is “the right decision for Boy Scouts”.

Wayne Perry says God wants homosexual boy scouts

Boy Scouts president: Let in gay boys

Wayne Perry, USATODAY 4:36 p.m. EDT May 22, 2013

Our policies must be based on what is in the best interest of our nation’s children.

Story Highlights

  • The resolution reaffirms our core belief in doing one’s “duty to God.”
  • Changing adult standards would have conflicted with the virtues of our chartered partners.
  • We will work to stay focused on that which unites us.

The Boy Scouts of America is part of the fabric of this nation. Our focus is on working together to deliver the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Somehow, Scouting has become one of the focal points in the debate on homosexuality. However, it is not the role of the Boy Scouts to resolve this complex issue, nor can the decision we will make today.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the BSA has the right to set its membership standards. It is worth noting that the court’s decision was not about whether homosexuality is right or wrong; rather, it affirmed that private organizations have the right to set membership rules based on their beliefs and values.

At the BSA’s National Annual Meeting today, the 1,400 voting members of our National Council will vote on a proposed resolution that would end the restriction on gay youth membership. That’s the right decision for Boy Scouts.

Duty to God

Today’s proposed resolution reaffirms our core belief in doing one’s “duty to God.” It would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone and would maintain the current membership policy for all adult leaders. Further, the resolution reinforces that Scouting is a youth program, and that any sexual conduct, heterosexual or homosexual, is contrary to the virtues of Scouting. It also prohibits the use of the organization to promote or advance any social or political positions or agendas.

While some people wish the proposed resolution would go further, it was clear from our listening phase that changing adult standards would have conflicted with the majority of our partners, 70% of which are religious organizations, and would have disrupted our ability to deliver Scouting. Conversely, some have asserted that the proposed change for youth runs counter to the values of, and raises concerns among, Scouting’s religious chartered organizations. We are unaware of any major religious chartered organization that believes a youth member simply stating he or she is attracted to the same sex, but not engaging in sexual activity, should make him or her unwelcome in their congregation. We reviewed a variety of policy options and concluded this option would provide kids a place to belong while they learn and grow.

About the kids

The change to the Boy Scouts of America’s membership policy is not the result of pressure from outside; it is the result of extensive dialogue within the Scouting family. Parents, adults in the Scouting community and teens alike tend to agree that youth should not be denied the benefits of Scouting. The resolution is not about adults; it is about what is best for young people.

Some have voiced concerns that this proposal could put children at risk of being abused. The BSA makes no connection between sexual abuse and homosexuality. The nation’s leading experts agree. The BSA has stringent polices that protect the safety and privacy of youth and has always worked to ensure that it is a supportive and safe environment.

The BSA’s executive committee unanimously presented this resolution because it stays true to Scouting’s mission and remains focused on kids. No matter what your opinion is on this issue, America needs Scouting, and our policies must be based on what is in the best interest of our nation’s children.

Wayne Perry is the president of the Boy Scouts of America.

End USA Today editorial

439,000,000 reasons why BSA Inc screwed America’s boys


The much touted “The Summit” BSA facility located in West Virginia and home to the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree, is perhaps the single-most compelling explanation for BSA Inc’s capitulation to the homosexual agenda and militant gender feminists?


BSA spent a whopping $439,000,000 on The Summit ? ? ?


ALMOST HALF-A-BILLION DOLLARS which was financed by long-term corporate debt in the form of BONDS.

BONDS WHICH MATURE IN 2020 and 2021 ? ? ?

Reuters had an article on the boondoggle in 2013:

Special Report: A $439 million camp adds to Boy Scouts money crunch

Reading it, we find this gem:

The Summit gives us the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to America and raise $1 billion for the best youth development in the world,” says a slide from a June 2010 presentation on the project.

It gets worse:

It isn’t panning out that way. Costs are rising. Initially budgeted at $176 million through 2013, the Summit’s cost is now estimated to reach at least $350 million by the end of this year and $439 million by the end of 2015, according to Scouts documents reviewed by Reuters. To keep up, the Scouts issued new bonds last year – more than doubling their previous borrowing for the project.

The Scouts’ efforts to pay for the Summit are off target, too. Internal financial updates show that the Scouts’ national organization, based in Irving, Texas, was $108 million behind its capital-raising goal for the Summit as of the end of March. That was 32 percent shy of its projection of $342.6 million.

Do you think it can get worse? You’re right:

The bonds were issued in the name of Fayette County, West Virginia, where the Summit is located. The county received a $100,000 fee to issue the bonds on behalf of the Boy Scouts, but it is not responsible for payments, according to bond documents and the Scouts’ 2012 annual report.

From Bad to Worse:

Still, spending has grown faster than revenue. The nonprofit’s financial statements show that revenue from membership fees and product sales grew 21 percent from 2003 to 2012, to $229 million. But spending on salaries, insurance, and programs nearly doubled in the same period, to $212 million.

The Scouts board of directors, led by Perry, is unpaid. But the paid executives who manage the organization earn significantly more than their peers.

In 2011, the average compensation and benefits for the top five Boy Scouts executives totaled $696,862, compared to $550,673 for the top five Girl Scouts executives and $351,714 for YMCA officials.

Oh and in case you wondering why any of this matters, consider this:

The Summit shortfall is part of a broader financial crunch facing the Boy Scouts as the organization shrinks. That decline has been exacerbated by the protracted gay-membership battle. A compromise adopted by Scout leaders in May – allow gay youth, but not gay adults – appears to be doing little so far to ease the pressure.

Do you think Wayne Brock or Robert Mazzuca gave a damn about your sons’ safety, well-being, or developing sense of manhood mattered when they were desperate to obtain a bailout from SJW-converged corporate America?  Do you think this is why useless Randall Stephenson — who was never a scout and who has no sons but who is CEO of dodgily financed ATT — was made BSA president?

Ya think?

Scouts/Canada killed by going coed

It is often claimed, by zealous proponents of sex-integrated Boy Scouting, “muh the whole rest of the world does it and they’re doing ‘just fine’ !”

Apart from being a typical “appeal to amenable authority” in an attempt to bully a father into compromising his son’s boyhood, it is demonstrably false.

Take for example, the experience of Scouts/Canada, the ugly renamed version of the Former “Boy Scouts of Canada” so named by an Act of Parliament.

Militant, Women’s Liberation style feminism was successful in forcing females into Canadian Boy Scouts’ Rover section in 1972, the same year our own BSA imposed girls via the Explorer program. Venturers were attacked in 1984 and Canadian girl-Boy Scouts were imposed in 1992.

As always, what started as a “local option” that would always be respected soon became mandatory via diktat. In 1998, all Canadian Boy Scout units were compelled to accept girl-Boy Scouts.

This chart speaks for itself. I note only the exact pattern is seen in every men’s group that formerly existed in the U.S. and Canada from the Rotary to the Lions to the priesthood. Once feminists gain entry, it is inevitable the organization will die, or be transformed out of recognition to its former self, emaciated and worthless to its original purpose and function. (This will be explored in future posts but you can google it yourself and see.)

Scouts Canada Membership Loss
Capitulation to militant feminism decimated the Boy Scouts of Canada, losing 75% of its membership as boys and their families were deliberately driven away.

Flashback: Tillerson’s Assault on Scouting

Originally published in December 2016 at The American Thinker

In case you forgot — or didn’t know in the first place — so-called “eagle” scout Rex Tillerson, the former president of BSA Inc., is single-handedly responsible for emasculating the Boy Scouts which, as you might also infer, led directly to its deceitful and dishonorable decision to allow females to register as, well, #FakeBoyScouts.

Tillerson engineered this accomplishment as a member of the BSA’s National Executive Committee, as a task greatly faciliated by his BSA successor, Robert Gates.

Robert Gates is perhaps best known as defense secretary appointed by president George W. Bush then retained by Barack Obama, who decriminalized homosexuality in the American armed services, and mind-bogglingly, imposed women into the U.S. Navy’s submarine service.

(Did I mention that Robert Gates was a master CIA spy first recruited in 1996, later appointed to be the agency’s director by president George H.W. Bush?)

It appears even the humble and patriotic Boy Scouts of America was targeted for regime change — and wholesale democide of the movement’s flesh-and-blood members and alumni — by the very best swamp creatures and spooks the D.C. “deep state” could supply.

Dear God in heaven, show mercy on thy flock wearing the uniforms of the Boy Scouts of America and remove from them the soul poison that is LGBTQPA and Third Wave feminism. Amen.

Tillerson’s Assault on Scouting

When I was a boy I swore an oath, one I take seriously to this day. It went like this:

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Inherent in this oath are not one, but two moral issues – my duty to God and my oath of remaining morally straight.  These are inextricably linked, and both preclude sexual immorality, among other things.  My duty to God is to obey the laws set down for us by Him.

And that was what Scouting was all about.  While it was not sectarian in nature, it was deeply rooted in America and the Judeo-Christian heritage that informed our culture in bygone days.  Lord Robert Baden-Powell, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts, stated:

Where does religion come in? Well, my reply is … it does not come in at all. It is already there. It is the fundamental factor underlying Scouting and Guiding.

And in his 1908 book Scouting for Boys said, “No man is any good unless he believes in God.”

James West, who headed the organization in its early days, added:

Boy Scouts of America believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.

While there is no litmus test on how one believes in God, there is that matter of duty to Him.  Now, all three Abrahamic religions hold that morally straight means sexually pure, or at least sexually restrained, and all three consider homosexuality an abomination.  So does the Bahá’í faith.  So too Zoroastrianism.  Hinduism frowns on it, as do Buddhism and Sikhism.  Unless one takes a “Progressive” view of his faith or adopts some fringe religion, homosexual activity is forbidden.  If it is forbidden, how can one be “morally straight” or do one’s duty to God while embracing it?

President-Elect Donald J. Trump recently announced he is considering Rex Tillerson to lead the State Department.  Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, was, among other things, the former head of the Boy Scouts of America and one of the people responsible for opening the BSA to homosexuals.

It was Tillerson who lobbied to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the BSA.  According to a Dallas News story:

Tillerson was instrumental in lobbying the Scouts’ board to accept openly gay youths, said John Hammer, president of the Washington think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, of which Tillerson is a board member.

“I can’t get into the intimacy of these conversations. But he agonized over this. He prayed on it, and ultimately he came to the conclusion the only thing that can guide him here is what’s best for the young boys,” he said. “I think he became a key leader in helping the group come to a consensus.”

Tillerson pushed the change at the meeting.

“Most of the reasons that organizations fail at change is pretty simple,” he says. “People don’t understand why. They don’t understand the mission. They don’t understand what this means for them. They don’t understand their role.” Now, the most important job is to communicate with Scouting supporters back in each member’s home council, he says.

As the CEO of ExxonMobil Corp., Tillerson is no stranger to the task of making tough decisions or venturing into uncharted territory because of a change in course. “Regardless of where you were on this decision, it’s also very normal for people to feel like there are winners or losers. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. … There are neither winners nor losers. What’s left after we made the decision to change is the mission, and the mission has not changed. But how are we going to implement the change?”

So resistance to change is tied not to a moral absolute, but rather to a lack of understanding, and there are no “winners or losers.”  The boys lost, but Tillerson fails to see it.

How is opening an organization that involves young boys in close proximity to open homosexuals in the former’s best interest?  Will Tillerson next seek to recruit hookers for them?  These are boys in their early teenage years, after all, and as such, one must question their self-identification as homosexual.  If they do fall into that category, the purpose of an organization like the Boy Scouts is to lead boys away from such things.

The gays and Tillerson got their demands met last year.

This is the classic slippery slope.  The BSA pulled out a thread, and this is where it has led – and it is headed for far worse.  The Canada Scouts followed this route back in the late 1990s with the result that membership dropped off 50%.

As Eagle Scout and former U.S. representative Richard T. Schulze stated:

… [w]hat kind of a message are we sending to our young people if the very leaders who are teaching Boy Scouts to be brave cannot even find the courage to stand firm and avoid caving in to peer pressure from Hollywood and political activists?

Indeed, the cowardice is worse than the original act.  Doing one’s duty to God requires moral courage – something that appears to be lacking in Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson is a committed Christian, which would normally be a happy development.  However, Tillerson is a member of the notoriously left-wing Congregationalists.  He is also known to be squishy on global warming, favoring some sort of carbon credit trading and having supported the 2015 Paris Agreement.

It also appears that Tillerson is a globalist.  In a speech to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations Tillerson stated:

Should the United States seek so-called energy independence in an elusive effort to insulate this country from the impact of world events on the economy, or should Americans pursue the path of international engagement, seeking ways to better compete within the global market for energy? Like the Council’s founders, I believe we must choose the course of greater international engagement… The central reality is this: The global free market for energy provides the most effective means of achieving U.S. energy security by promoting resource development, enabling diversification, multiplying our supply channels, encouraging efficiency, and spurring innovation.

Sounds more like Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, doesn’t he?

This, in many ways, explains Tillerson’s support for opening the Boy Scouts to homosexuality.  It is the international norm, and if he supports a largely borderless world, sacrifices in old-fashioned cultural norms are going to have to be made.

Trump says he wants to scale back these big international deals, and yet he wants to make a globalist his chief diplomat.

I fear that this pick leaves the stagnant water in the swampland.  Tillerson strikes me as just another establishment type in cowboy boots.

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