They Never Relent: 4-H under assault by LGBTQPA

Now the 4-H is under attack by You Know Who.

From WND:

‘Wrath of God’ promised if 4-H adopts transgender policies

Exhibitor with cows at 4-H Fair (Photo: Cornell University)

“Iowa 4-H is reaching out to LGBTQ kids, and it’s causing an uproar among conservatives.”

At least, that’s how the Des Moines Register headlined its weekend article on the public furor that followed WND’s exclusive report on the campaign to impose a radical LGBTQ-transgender agenda on that state’s 4-H program – including compulsory transgender pronoun use and allowing biological males to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

WND had previously reported on a multi-pronged, state-by-state movement to impose highly controversial transgender policies on 4-H, the century-old, largely rural, traditional-values, agricultural youth organization that exists under the umbrella of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Although “the new set of rules has been available for public comment for over a month,” reported the Des Moines paper, phone calls to 4-H state director John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas’ office “picked up over the weekend as a result of a conservative national website publishing a story on the issue,” linking to the WND report by Managing Editor David Kupelian.

Chaisson-Cárdenas told the newspaper he heard from both “poles” of this argument in “pretty big amounts.”

“Some people are calling to say ‘Thank you. Go. Thank you for doing this. We need this. This affected my life when I was in 4-H,’” Chaisson-Cárdenas told the paper, “and then you have people saying, you know, ‘The wrath of God will fall upon you.’”

What exactly is included in Iowa’s 4-H “Inclusion Policy”?

The document begins with definitions of terms such as “polysexual” and “intersex,” then goes on to mandate that “4-H, including all paid and volunteer personnel, as well as youth members, will use pronouns and names consistent with a transgender or intersex individual’s gender identity.”

It further stipulates that, at any time during participation in 4-H, both youth members and adult leaders may “assert a gender identity that differs from previous representation.” That is, a biological male may claim he’s female and vice versa. Such assertion needn’t be supported by “medical diagnosis” or legal “identification documents.” Nevertheless, once the assertion is made, accommodation – from overnight housing to pronoun usage – must be met.

Accommodation requirements apply to restrooms, locker rooms, overnight lodging and athletic teams, in all of which individuals must be allowed access based on their chosen gender identity. These accommodations must be met even if others experience “discomfort” as a result. Perhaps most controversially, “4-H shall ensure nondiscrimination to provide transgender and intersex individuals equal access to programs and activities,” even in circumstances when the youth member’s family or guardian “raise objections or concerns” over their child’s decision to request such transgender accommodations.

The Iowa 4-H bulletin announcing the imminent adoption of the transgender policies invited public comment through Friday, April 13. Although the online survey is now closed and offline, comments may still be directed to 4-H state director John-Paul Chaisson-Cárdenas or to Marybeth Foster, Iowa 4-H’s organizational accountability manager.

The Des Moines Register article, strongly sympathetic to the LGBTQ side of the debate, was punctuated with three different transgender slide-shows and video features. This year, Iowa’s largest daily newspaper, which was founded before the Civil War, has also been nominated for an award for “Outstanding Newspaper Overall Coverage” from the LGBTQ media-monitoring organization GLAAD.

“Although the Des Moines Register frames the issue as 4-H ‘reaching out to LGBTQ kids,’” comments WND’s Kupelian, “a more accurate assessment would be that LGBTQ activists are attempting to impose, with as little fanfare as possible, an extremely controversial and divisive agenda – the same agenda that has already caused multiple 4-H leaders in Idaho to quit – on Iowa’s 4-H.”

The “inclusion policy,” particularly the bathroom and locker room policies, are similar to those that have led to the current national boycott of Target Corporation.

“After the public comment period ends,” reports the Register, “a committee will look at the comments and decide whether to implement the guidelines as policy. In doing so, heavy consideration will be given to the youth voice, Chaisson-Cárdenas said.

“At the center of this for me is that we want every child to feel like 4-H is the place for them,” the state’s 4-H leader told the Register.

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Mission Accomplished: Scouts for Equality

The main pressure group behind the queering and emasculating the Boy Scouts is based on a solid implementation of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals.”

Alinsky gave personal acknowledgments for his book to Jason Epstein, Cicely Nichols, Georgia Harper, and Irene. He quoted Rabbi Hillel and Thomas Paine. Then, extraordinarily, this:

“Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history… the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.”

Scouts for Equality is a typically Marxist-Leninist front group with emotional appeals to equalitarianism, greed, envy, covetousness and of course, the necessary belittling of their core targets, disaffected and even marginalized children.  In other words, their goal is to pick at the scabs these children bear from their unfortunate circumstances, pour salt in the freshly opened wound, and encourage them to sublimate their pain into destructive, hateful envy directed at the Boy Scouts who, in the minds of the manipulative leadership of SFE, are the picture-perfect image of All American Boyhood.

SFE have interesting “related links”: PFLAG. GLSEN. The Trevor Project. Is this what you want for your sons, fathers of boy scouts? Is this why you made your boy? Is this why you sacrificed years of your life, your hopes, your dreams, everything that you have, to produce a pawn for use by the homosexual lobby as they work to destroy you both?

SFE manufactures, Alinsky-style, a fake mission for the Boy Scouts movement:

We will continue to strive for a Scouting movement that is rooted in equality and is free of discrimination.

Well. Equality was never a scouting virtue. It’s certainly not an American virtue apart from equality under law. Discrimination is a perversion of a good word that was once in itself a virtue, as in “cultivation of a discriminating palate” — the ability to distinguish between various grades and qualities to select the best one.

Scouts for Equality advocate subversion by joining a Scout unit to undermine the Scout Law and BSA regulations.

They deliberately misstate traditional BSA policy, using typical Marxist-Leninist techniques including deconstruction to warp plain meaning and marginalize all Boy Scouts as haters, bigots, etc.

The most damning tactic they use is to lie about BSA’s declaration of religious principles. Children will be swayed by these clever and manipulative lies but Christians who’ve been forced to defend their own faith will recognize them as the same tired, old cliches used in Madeline Murray O’Hair’s successful effort to strip Christianity from American life.

You will also recognize this if you are active in your boy’s pack or troop as many atheists have infiltrated BSA units, at the urging of SFE, only to say later something like, “Well I don’t believe in god and I’ve belonged/volunteered for ‘x’ years. Will you kick me out, too?”

Communist infiltration of venerable American institutions is not new. It’s been happening since the 1920s at least. Here are the printed minutes of the Committee on Un-American Activities of the Eighty-Seventh Congress, February 25, 1960. Read the whole thing. The Communist Party of the U.S.A. openly brags about their successful work infiltrating America’s churches and how they accomplished it, among other things.

So SFE are liars intent on deceiving you and your sons to subvert the Boy Scouts.  Nice. Just the sort of people we joined scouting to avoid.  They’re like ants at a picnic in that sense, aren’t they? They have never contributed, they have no intention of “joining” your troop — they only want to eat the fruit of our labor, which they have no claim upon it, but perfectly willing to lie, cheat, manipulate, infiltrate, and then rob you and your son of his innocence, your hard work and love, and leave you behind, perhaps destroyed if your boy is molested in the process but certainly his innocence will be taken from him against your will and against the God they deny.

Here’s the most interesting thing about this communist front organization: they haven’t updated their website since before the 2017 Jamboree. Mission accomplished! 

The radicals moved on to their next target of opportunity, having destroyed a century of BSA goodwill, compromising its leadership, leaving them like the cheap dates they are, without so much as a parting lie, “I’ll call you tomorrow, I promise.”

And membership in BSA Inc continues to plummet, having driven away the very American families who formed its very essence for more than a century.


Flashback: past-president Wayne Perry says God wants homosexual scouts

Anonymous Conservative believes inverted sexual dimporhism is the direct consequence of a resource glut in a species’ habitat. Past BSA president Wayne Perry, a devout Mormon, is proof positive. Not only did he say God wants homosexual boy scouts (and in this editorial he says “him/her” presaging the suicidal admission of girl Boy Scouts), he’s the financial genius that devastated BSA Inc’s independence, making them 100% dependent on Fortune 500 and possibly U.S. federal government bailout cash.

The editorial below is a poor attempt to justify BSA Inc’s moral capitulation in exchange for corporate cash. Worse, he lies. He lies to our faces, proven by subsequent diktat that embraced homosexual adult volunteers and of course the insanity of telling young girls they are “boy scouts” — to hell with the effect on our sons, which is never considered.

From USA Today’s May 22, 2013 edition:

BSA President Wayne Perry says ending the BSA’s restriction on gay youth membership is “the right decision for Boy Scouts”.

Wayne Perry says God wants homosexual boy scouts

Boy Scouts president: Let in gay boys

Wayne Perry, USATODAY 4:36 p.m. EDT May 22, 2013

Our policies must be based on what is in the best interest of our nation’s children.

Story Highlights

  • The resolution reaffirms our core belief in doing one’s “duty to God.”
  • Changing adult standards would have conflicted with the virtues of our chartered partners.
  • We will work to stay focused on that which unites us.

The Boy Scouts of America is part of the fabric of this nation. Our focus is on working together to deliver the nation’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership training. Somehow, Scouting has become one of the focal points in the debate on homosexuality. However, it is not the role of the Boy Scouts to resolve this complex issue, nor can the decision we will make today.

In 2000, the Supreme Court ruled that the BSA has the right to set its membership standards. It is worth noting that the court’s decision was not about whether homosexuality is right or wrong; rather, it affirmed that private organizations have the right to set membership rules based on their beliefs and values.

At the BSA’s National Annual Meeting today, the 1,400 voting members of our National Council will vote on a proposed resolution that would end the restriction on gay youth membership. That’s the right decision for Boy Scouts.

Duty to God

Today’s proposed resolution reaffirms our core belief in doing one’s “duty to God.” It would remove the restriction denying membership to youth on the basis of sexual orientation alone and would maintain the current membership policy for all adult leaders. Further, the resolution reinforces that Scouting is a youth program, and that any sexual conduct, heterosexual or homosexual, is contrary to the virtues of Scouting. It also prohibits the use of the organization to promote or advance any social or political positions or agendas.

While some people wish the proposed resolution would go further, it was clear from our listening phase that changing adult standards would have conflicted with the majority of our partners, 70% of which are religious organizations, and would have disrupted our ability to deliver Scouting. Conversely, some have asserted that the proposed change for youth runs counter to the values of, and raises concerns among, Scouting’s religious chartered organizations. We are unaware of any major religious chartered organization that believes a youth member simply stating he or she is attracted to the same sex, but not engaging in sexual activity, should make him or her unwelcome in their congregation. We reviewed a variety of policy options and concluded this option would provide kids a place to belong while they learn and grow.

About the kids

The change to the Boy Scouts of America’s membership policy is not the result of pressure from outside; it is the result of extensive dialogue within the Scouting family. Parents, adults in the Scouting community and teens alike tend to agree that youth should not be denied the benefits of Scouting. The resolution is not about adults; it is about what is best for young people.

Some have voiced concerns that this proposal could put children at risk of being abused. The BSA makes no connection between sexual abuse and homosexuality. The nation’s leading experts agree. The BSA has stringent polices that protect the safety and privacy of youth and has always worked to ensure that it is a supportive and safe environment.

The BSA’s executive committee unanimously presented this resolution because it stays true to Scouting’s mission and remains focused on kids. No matter what your opinion is on this issue, America needs Scouting, and our policies must be based on what is in the best interest of our nation’s children.

Wayne Perry is the president of the Boy Scouts of America.

End USA Today editorial

439,000,000 reasons why BSA Inc screwed America’s boys


The much touted “The Summit” BSA facility located in West Virginia and home to the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree, is perhaps the single-most compelling explanation for BSA Inc’s capitulation to the homosexual agenda and militant gender feminists?


BSA spent a whopping $439,000,000 on The Summit ? ? ?


ALMOST HALF-A-BILLION DOLLARS which was financed by long-term corporate debt in the form of BONDS.

BONDS WHICH MATURE IN 2020 and 2021 ? ? ?

Reuters had an article on the boondoggle in 2013:

Special Report: A $439 million camp adds to Boy Scouts money crunch

Reading it, we find this gem:

The Summit gives us the opportunity to reintroduce ourselves to America and raise $1 billion for the best youth development in the world,” says a slide from a June 2010 presentation on the project.

It gets worse:

It isn’t panning out that way. Costs are rising. Initially budgeted at $176 million through 2013, the Summit’s cost is now estimated to reach at least $350 million by the end of this year and $439 million by the end of 2015, according to Scouts documents reviewed by Reuters. To keep up, the Scouts issued new bonds last year – more than doubling their previous borrowing for the project.

The Scouts’ efforts to pay for the Summit are off target, too. Internal financial updates show that the Scouts’ national organization, based in Irving, Texas, was $108 million behind its capital-raising goal for the Summit as of the end of March. That was 32 percent shy of its projection of $342.6 million.

Do you think it can get worse? You’re right:

The bonds were issued in the name of Fayette County, West Virginia, where the Summit is located. The county received a $100,000 fee to issue the bonds on behalf of the Boy Scouts, but it is not responsible for payments, according to bond documents and the Scouts’ 2012 annual report.

From Bad to Worse:

Still, spending has grown faster than revenue. The nonprofit’s financial statements show that revenue from membership fees and product sales grew 21 percent from 2003 to 2012, to $229 million. But spending on salaries, insurance, and programs nearly doubled in the same period, to $212 million.

The Scouts board of directors, led by Perry, is unpaid. But the paid executives who manage the organization earn significantly more than their peers.

In 2011, the average compensation and benefits for the top five Boy Scouts executives totaled $696,862, compared to $550,673 for the top five Girl Scouts executives and $351,714 for YMCA officials.

Oh and in case you wondering why any of this matters, consider this:

The Summit shortfall is part of a broader financial crunch facing the Boy Scouts as the organization shrinks. That decline has been exacerbated by the protracted gay-membership battle. A compromise adopted by Scout leaders in May – allow gay youth, but not gay adults – appears to be doing little so far to ease the pressure.

Do you think Wayne Brock or Robert Mazzuca gave a damn about your sons’ safety, well-being, or developing sense of manhood mattered when they were desperate to obtain a bailout from SJW-converged corporate America?  Do you think this is why useless Randall Stephenson — who was never a scout and who has no sons but who is CEO of dodgily financed ATT — was made BSA president?

Ya think?

Scouts/Canada killed by going coed

It is often claimed, by zealous proponents of sex-integrated Boy Scouting, “muh the whole rest of the world does it and they’re doing ‘just fine’ !”

Apart from being a typical “appeal to amenable authority” in an attempt to bully a father into compromising his son’s boyhood, it is demonstrably false.

Take for example, the experience of Scouts/Canada, the ugly renamed version of the Former “Boy Scouts of Canada” so named by an Act of Parliament.

Militant, Women’s Liberation style feminism was successful in forcing females into Canadian Boy Scouts’ Rover section in 1972, the same year our own BSA imposed girls via the Explorer program. Venturers were attacked in 1984 and Canadian girl-Boy Scouts were imposed in 1992.

As always, what started as a “local option” that would always be respected soon became mandatory via diktat. In 1998, all Canadian Boy Scout units were compelled to accept girl-Boy Scouts.

This chart speaks for itself. I note only the exact pattern is seen in every men’s group that formerly existed in the U.S. and Canada from the Rotary to the Lions to the priesthood. Once feminists gain entry, it is inevitable the organization will die, or be transformed out of recognition to its former self, emaciated and worthless to its original purpose and function. (This will be explored in future posts but you can google it yourself and see.)

Scouts Canada Membership Loss
Capitulation to militant feminism decimated the Boy Scouts of Canada, losing 75% of its membership as boys and their families were deliberately driven away.