Sing-a-long lyrics added to On My Honor as a Scout march

This is an improved version of the Golden Age of Scouting classic marching song, “On My Honor as a Scout” performed by the Mitchell Boys Choir in the 1954 Hollywood spectacular, “Jamboree.”

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Cub Scout Graduation in the Improved Scouting Program

A friend’s youngest boy decided to join a traditional troop in our community and the new cubmaster needed ideas for an appropriately traditional graduation ceremony.

In my boy scouting library is a 1973 printing of “Staging Pack and Den Ceremonies.” Here is a scan of the chapter on graduations.

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Music! “On My Honor as a Scout” from “JAMBOREE”

Here’s a beautiful song available again for the first time in decades.

“On My Honor as a Scout”(click to see a video published on YouTube) is the Main Title for the Hollywood documentary made of the 1953 Boy Scout Jamboree at Irvine Ranch, California. It was so close to Hollywood they got all the stars and bigshots to attend like Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Jane Powell and President Ike Eisenhower (via film)!

Here’s the industry’s AFI Film Catalog page.


SCOUT’S HONOR Part 3: A Scout is Loyal

This is Part 3 of a Series on the subversion of the Scout Oath and Law.

“A Scout is Loyal” – a phrase by phrase comparison

BSA Scout Law, 1911-1972 BSA Scout Law, 1972 to present
A Scout is Loyal. 2. LOYAL.
A SCOUT is LOYAL. He is loyal to all to whom loyalty is due; his Scout Leader, his home and parents and country. 2. A Scout is LOYAL. A Scout is true to his family, friends, Scout leaders, school, nation, and world community.
He is loyal to all to whom loyalty is due; A Scout is true to his
his Scout Leader, Scout leaders,
his home and parents family,
and country. nation,
and world community.


Old Philadelphia: The Spirit of Christmas (1953)

Here is a Philly tradition from the days before poz, when the Bell System was called “Ma” Bell and the ACLU hadn’t declared war on the Christians that granted their grandfathers shelter from the pogroms of the Old Country.

Here’s to peace on earth and goodwill toward men.


The Sprint of Christmas (1953) – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

and the second part, the faithful and moving

The Spirit of Christmas (1953) – The Nativity


Webelos On Parade cub scout march

This is a piano reduction of one of my favorite cub scout tunes, the Webelos On Parade march, featured on the classic “Akela – Cub Scout Record Album” of the 1950s and 1960s.

Here it is on a YouTube channel video with “sing-a-long” lyrics

and here are PDFs of the sheet music in a few formats

Webelos On Parade for Piano and Voice 

Webelos On Parade Lead Sheet and

Webelos On Parade – C – 4 Pages



The Boy Scout Creed by Ludvig S Dale – 1923 Buzza Motto

The original silkscreen is on light pine wood, framed and encased in glass. It was removed to make this high resolution, color corrected scan.

It can be easily decomposed into primary pigments using Photoshop and would make a great project for a troop. Use them as recognition or induction presents.

Here’s a poster size version in PDF for your Scout’s favorite bedroom wall:Boy Scout Creed – A Buzza Motto 1923 POSTER SIZED



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