Lolz at The Boy Scouts

From Armchair Anthropologist:

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced that girls can join and earn all the conventional ranks, though the troops will be segregated by sex. Naturally the Girl Scouts USA organization is angry and has sued over a name change.

Do I weep over the loss of a proud American tradition such as the Scouts? Well yes, but more than that I’m laughing.

This is the inevitable path of feminism. Women hate on the Boy Scouts because it’s, by definition, patriarchal. So they decide to include girls so that everyone can benefit. Same as universities and golf clubs. And then the women are even more angry because women are never happy. Now the Boy Scouts are infringing on the Girl Scouts’s own tradition turf.

Serves the BSA right for catering to the progressives. They caved on the gay ban, and now they’re finding out what happens when you give in to progressivism. Traditional organizations should be traditional.

You cannot appease the progressives. The best thing to do is just ignore them and wait a few months for them to attack another organization. It certainly worked for the Washington Redskins.

Both scout organizations are declining, and both have embraced progressivism. Just as no secular country has ever sustained a birth rate, and just as HuffPo, BuzzFeed and Vice are making major layoffs, so too will the classic scouting organizations lose members as they focus on godless propaganda instead of wilderness survival skills.

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From the Catholic League

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is exploring the possibility of declaring bankruptcy. How could an organization which had roughly 5.5 million members in the early 1970s, and now commands only 2.3 million, collapse so rapidly?

Several factors are at work, but none are more important than the left-wing assaults on the BSA, and the role of molesting Scout masters.

In the early 1990s, Bill Donohue was asked by the Center for the Study of Natural Law at the Claremont Institute in California to write a monograph on the problems facing the BSA. The second edition of On the Front Line of the Culture War: Recent Attacks on the Boy Scouts of America was published in 1993, the year Donohue came to the Catholic League. More than any other left-wing entity, it was the ACLU that first declared war on the BSA.

The ACLU started suing the BSA left and right, and this, in turn, inspired other left-wing organizations to do likewise. The ACLU sued over the Three “G’s”—Gays, Godless, and Girls—hoping to force the organization to allow homosexuals, atheists, and girls to join. While the BSA officials initially fought these efforts, they eventually succumbed to the politics of inclusion, changing its traditional standards to appease its critics.

History shows, however, that hard-core ideologues are not interested in being appeased—they are interested in winning. In this case, victory meant the demise of the BSA.

The only one of the Three “G’s” that the BSA held the line on were the atheists. But even there, the organization that prided itself on honoring the Judeo-Christian ethos adjusted its sails to appease its critics. So they let anyone join who professed a belief in anything, ranging from devotees of Zeus to Wiccans.

Allowing girls to join the BSA was long considered a non-starter: after all, there is an organization called the Girl Scouts of America. But to zealots this is not enough—their radical egalitarian agenda demanded that the girls crash the BSA. Last year, the BSA gave in and allowed girls to join.

Two things immediately happened: the BSA lost 425,000 members in the month it made the announcement (October 2017), and last month the Girl Scouts sued them as well. Inclusion anyone?

The biggest headache for the BSA came from homosexual activists. They won the support of the media, higher education, left-wing legal groups, even corporate America. In 2013, the BSA allowed homosexual boys to join and in 2015 it ended its ban on gay adult leaders. In 2017, it yielded again, ruling that biological boys who identify as girls can join. Not much left after that.

In 1920, ten years after the BSA was founded, it started a “red flag” system to identify adult males who were known to sexually abuse the boys and young men. It would later be known as the “Ineligible Volunteer Files,” commonly referred to as the “perversion files.”

Fast forward to October 2012. The Oregon Supreme Court ordered the release of 1,200 confidential files detailing cases of sexual molestation that occurred between 1965 and 1985. It was this that started a wave of lawsuits, with victims, alleged and real, seeking lucrative financial settlements. This proved to be devastating.

In 2012, the Los Angeles Times also got its hands on 1,600 confidential files dating from 1970 to 1991. In most cases, the BSA found out about the sexual abuse after it had been reported to the authorities.

It is hard to say exactly how many of the molesters were pedophiles (those who hit on prepubescent boys or girls) and how many were homosexuals (those who hit on postpubescent males). For reasons that are entirely political, the media have shown no interest in getting to the bottom of this.

Why the left-wing assault on the BSA? It is a bastion of traditionalism, and that is one thing the Left hates, especially the core Judeo-Christian values. It is also a voluntary organization, one of the most important intermediate associations in the nation; these social institutions separate the individual from the state.

Leftists are nothing but statists: They want the power to control the people. Thus, anything that stands in their way—such as the family, church, and voluntary associations (the BSA)—are an obstacle to the power and reach of the state. Following the philosophy of Rousseau, these institutions must be destroyed.

Would matters have turned out differently had the BSA officials not adopted the politics of inclusion? Hard to say, but at least they could have made their mark in the culture war. Instead, they caved, and now they are paying the price.

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#FakeScouts Canada

This is a follow on to the last post, Coed Membership Failure: SCOUTS/CANADA.

Not only will Scouts/Canada not exist in a few short years, it’s not even actual scouting boy or otherwise.

Get a load of their watered down, meaningless and wholly converged “Scout Promise” and “Law.” It’s laughable if you can keep from weeping:

The Scout Promise

On my honour;
I promise that I will do my best;
To do my duty to God and the Queen;
To help other people at all times;
and to carry out the spirit of the Scout Law.

The Scout Law

A Scout is helpful and trustworthy,
Kind and cheerful,
Considerate and clean,
and Wise in the use of all resources.


No wonder Canadian boys will have nothing to do with unsexed “scouting.” Soon their North American cousins will join them.

Prepper author on BSA Girl Scouts – “I have changed my stance”

Preparedness author Joe Fox strongly supported families involve their children — and their selves — in the scouting movement. He included it in his best selling book.

Not anymore.

I think you are a nutbird as a parent if you put your kids in boy scouts or girl scouts.

He points the finger at men who failed their duty to raise their boys. He’s on to something there. Watch. Learn.

Do his stories sound familiar? They do to me.

What do we do about it?

BSA Girl Scouts – I have changed my stance

Scoutmaster calls out BSA’s lies

A pre-Improved Scouting Program boy scout turned scoutmaster, father of four boys, calls out B.S.A. Inc for its duplicitous lies about the intent and design of Cub and Boy Scouts. He also make’s a father’s case for the need for boys to be boys.

Sadly, as many men of my generation, he is a White Knight cuck on “gender equality” as promoted by Second Wave feminism, “I don’t mind if girls can be Eagle Scouts.” Well, what the hell’s the point of doing something manly if some random chick can do it? Androgyny is the death of America.

Boy Scouts Name Change and Girls in the Boy Scouts-A Scoutmaster’s Perspective

Scouting Should Teach Universal Moral Values, Not Relativistic Ideology

The Witherspoon Institute

The progressive left is working to overcome what it perceives as the out-of-date premises of the Judeo-Christian ethic previously reflected in scouting.

When I was a child growing up in a traditional Jewish home in Jersey City, New Jersey, my parents enrolled me in the Cub Scouts, an organization whose goals included developing moral character, physical fitness, spiritual growth, and practical skills, along with providing opportunities for service to humanity. I quickly advanced through the various badges: Wolf, Bear, Lion, and Webelos. Thereafter I joined Troop 56 at the Jewish Community Center in Jersey City where I became an Eagle Scout, a Brotherhood member of the honorary Order of the Arrow, and served in several troop leadership positions.

As someone steeped in scouting as a youth, I am distressed over what I now perceive as the ongoing demise of the institution of scouting and the traditional moral values for which it stood, as articulated in the Scout Oath and the Scout Law.

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WALSH: What My Sons Can Learn From The Self-Destruction Of The Boy Scouts

WALSH: What My Sons Can Learn From The Self-Destruction Of The Boy Scouts

WALSH: What My Sons Can Learn From The Self-Destruction Of The Boy Scouts

ByMatt Walsh @MattWalshBlog May 2, 2018    views

The process is complete. The Boy Scouts, a once proud and important organization that helped shape boys into young men, is dead. It had been dying for sometime, but now it is official. In an announcement that would have seemed like an outlandish parody only ten years ago, the Boy Scouts said today that they will be dropping “Boy” from their name. They shall henceforth be known only as Scouts.

The Boy Scouts giving up its name is the inevitable last step in a devolution that began when the Boy Scouts gave up its spine. First, they ceded to the Left’s demands and admitted gay scouts. Then it surrendered again and admitted gay scout leaders. Then it surrendered again and admitted “transgenders.” Then it surrendered again and admitted girls. Then it surrendered once more and abandoned its name and any last vestige of its identity. Now it is just a dry, pitiful husk, curled in a fetal position in the corner, muttering, “No more, no more.”

I won’t let my sons anywhere near this embarrassment of an organization. I want them to be men, not simpering, pathetic, little effeminate weaklings, which is what the “Scouts” embody at this point. But the Scouts will provide a very helpful example for my boys. I plan to use this sad story as a cautionary tale to teach them one crucial thing:

Never, ever, ever, ever surrender to the enemies of truth and reason.

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