A Boy Scout’s Lament

Further down the disqus comments is this poignant comment by a First Class Boy Scout. It might have been written by my own son or any of his brother scouts:


Hey boys need time to be boys and I’m thirteen a first class boy scout.there would be so many more problems like boys and girls sharing the same tent.there is something call venture scouts it is a boy girl program just like scouts but I think boys join boy scouts partly to just be boys with their friends

A Father’s Lament

From the “Bryan on Scouting” blog interview with Chief Cuck Michael Surbaugh.

(You know the video – Bryan is full squish soyboy and Surbaugh can’t help blushing for the outrageous whoppers he lobs at us.)


To BSA’s leadership:
You guys are captains of industry and I’m not.
You are all millionaires many times over and I’m not.
You are probably graduates of Ivy League schools and geniuses, and I’m not. I’m just a regular dad.

But I’ll tell you this: I am the gatekeeper to your access to my son, and that’s not going to change.

I don’t need scouting to do fun things with my son. We can go fishing and backpacking and all the rest all on our own just fine. And truthfully, the hassle factor is a lot less.

So, you should ask yourselves why someone like me is involved in scouting, and the answer is values. I want some help transmitting a certain set of values to my son and I enjoy being part of an organization that shares those values. So when you start tinkering with those values you are altering our relationship at a fundamental level and causing me to question that relationship.

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Subversion & Control of Western Society – Yuri Bezmenov Lecture

The Boy Scouts of America was wrecked by the dedicated efforts of socialists and the so-called Red Diaper baby communists, working over many decades. The 1972 subversive disaster entitled “The Improved Scouting Program”  inflicted considerable damage but, thanks to Green Bar Bill‘s heroic efforts, a much diminished Boy Scouts lingered on.

Communists are nothing if not persistent. The wounded but not killed boy scouts was a humiliating reminder of their failure.  “Family Scouting” is a second go at Improved Scouting, a coup de grace without Green Bar Bill to ride to boy scouting’s rescue.

What happened? How did a fundamentally Christian, traditionalist, conservative movement with an incorporating charter from the U.S. Congress itself, fall to a mere handful of agitators and infiltrators?

We will study the strategy and tactics used against the Boy Scouts and all other important American institutions as advised by Sun Tzu. Armed with understanding, we can retake Boy Scouting and all American civilization.

Yuri Bezmenov was a Soviet defector, a journalist recruited by the KGB who came to hate the Soviet system after falling in love with India. An extended interview, a classroom lecture, and his valedictory “Love Letter to America” are superb guides to the methods used by communists to undermine all that made America “America.”

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The Marxist-Progressive War on the Boy Scouts // The American Spectator

Back when I was fighting the then-current iteration of Marxist-Leninists at university (we won!) I came to knew the old crew at The American Spectator. True patriots who managed to earn their living writing about it. Nice work, if you can get it.

I’m delighted they wrote this about the Boy Scouts of America because it’s true and because it must be understood if we are ever going to win it back for America. Our boys deserve it.


Paul Kengor

June 1, 2018, 12:05 am

Today’s progressives have completed the takeover and destruction communists first started calling for more than a century ago.

The title of this article will raise eyebrows even among conservatives, but read on. The title is accurate and undeniable.

The left has succeeded in driving a final nail in the coffin of the Boy Scouts as it once was. The organization is now a shell of its self. It capitulated first on “gay” scout leaders, then on “transgender” scouts, and now on girls joining the Boy Scouts.

Progressives bask in their triumph, dancing on the grave of an organization they never wanted to build up; it was an organization they wanted to take down. For the left, this is less about giving something to girls than taking something from boys. It’s another scalp on the cultural-ideological wall.

Lest anyone think this isn’t a take-down, or a fundamental transformation, well, consider that the Boy Scouts of America, founded in 1910, will now be called simply “Scouts BSA” for those ages 11 to 18 (a change openly celebrated with puffy propaganda pieces by PC-stylists at the BSA website). This is a coerced inclusion of gender-neutral “Cub Scouts.”

The Boy Scouts have been emasculated, neutered. The organization that prided itself on courage stands impotent, fearful in the face of feminists and LGBTQ militants. They’ve cowered to the forces of “diversity” and “tolerance.”

And for cultural revolutionaries, the defeat of the Boy Scouts is the end of a long march through yet another institution. This march began literally a century ago not with the New York Times or Democrats but with socialists and communists.

Surely that’s an exaggeration — a right-wing red herring? Grab the nearest liberal to howl accusations of Red-under-every-bed McCarthyism?

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The Meaning Of Good And Evil In Perilous Times — Alt-Market

Brandon Smith is a brilliant analyst of our corrupt society. Here he explains how malignant narcissists insinuate themselves into benevolent institutions to mask their evil in the name of doing good.

Sound familiar? Does it remind you of the present corporate leadership of B.S.A. Inc and their unending excuses and transparent lies in the name of our “iconic” Boy Scouts?

Uh huh.


Brandon Smith


Perhaps the most destructive idea ever planted in the minds of the general public is the notion that nothing in this world is permanent — that all things can and must be constantly changed to suit our whims. The concept of impermanence fuels what I call “blank slate propaganda.” The usefulness of the blank slate as a weapon for social control should be explained before we examine the nature of good and evil, because these days it infects everything.

The push for never ending social “evolution” has been called many things over the decades. In the early 1900s in Europe it was called “futurism;” an art and philosophical movement that helped spawn the rise of communism and fascism in politics. The argument that all old ideas and longstanding traditions should be abandoned to make way for new ideas, new technologies, news systems etc., assumes that the supposedly new ways of doing things are superior to the old ways of doing things. Things are rarely this simple, and in most cases the new methods so proudly championed by movements for social change are usually recycled and repackaged old ideas that are notorious for failure.

The blank slate theory is designed to confuse people with self-doubt and to misrepresent the constructs of nature as constructs of society. It most effectively disrupts people’s relationship to their own moral compass by suggesting that moral compass should be completely ignored as artificial. The argument by blank slate proponents is that all boundaries are created by society instead of by inborn conscience, and that these boundaries often hold us back from achieving our goals, bettering ourselves as a species and generally getting what we want out of life.

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‘Boy’ Scouts gone wrong

‘Boy’ Scouts gone wrong

“To make boys who will turn out as men to be fine citizens and who will, if their country needs them, make better soldiers for having been Scouts.” – Theodore Roosevelt, 1911 (from the first edition of the Boy Scouts of America Handbook)

The Boy Scouts of America has lost its name, and its way. According to a CNN report, “Less than a year after the Boy Scouts of America decided to invite girls to join, the organization announced that it will refer to its older youth program as ‘Scouts BSA’ starting in February 2019.”

The announcement comes despite widespread public criticism, including that from the Girl Scouts of America, who remain solely dedicated to the development of girls and yet will lose girls to the NEW “Boy” Scouts.

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2012: AT&T CEO commits to ending ban on gay Boy Scouts, leaders


AT&T CEO commits to ending ban on gay Boy Scouts, leaders

This repost was originally written by 

In reaction to a petition campaign asking him to speak out against the Boy Scouts of America’s current ban on gay scouts and gay scout leaders, Randall Stephenson, CEO of AT&T and an executive board member with the Boy Scouts, has announced that he not only supports an end to the ban — but will also commit to ending it.

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