Scouts/Canada killed by going coed

It is often claimed, by zealous proponents of sex-integrated Boy Scouting, “muh the whole rest of the world does it and they’re doing ‘just fine’ !”

Apart from being a typical “appeal to amenable authority” in an attempt to bully a father into compromising his son’s boyhood, it is demonstrably false.

Take for example, the experience of Scouts/Canada, the ugly renamed version of the Former “Boy Scouts of Canada” so named by an Act of Parliament.

Militant, Women’s Liberation style feminism was successful in forcing females into Canadian Boy Scouts’ Rover section in 1972, the same year our own BSA imposed girls via the Explorer program. Venturers were attacked in 1984 and Canadian girl-Boy Scouts were imposed in 1992.

As always, what started as a “local option” that would always be respected soon became mandatory via diktat. In 1998, all Canadian Boy Scout units were compelled to accept girl-Boy Scouts.

This chart speaks for itself. I note only the exact pattern is seen in every men’s group that formerly existed in the U.S. and Canada from the Rotary to the Lions to the priesthood. Once feminists gain entry, it is inevitable the organization will die, or be transformed out of recognition to its former self, emaciated and worthless to its original purpose and function. (This will be explored in future posts but you can google it yourself and see.)

Scouts Canada Membership Loss
Capitulation to militant feminism decimated the Boy Scouts of Canada, losing 75% of its membership as boys and their families were deliberately driven away.

Flashback: Tillerson’s Assault on Scouting

Originally published in December 2016 at The American Thinker

In case you forgot — or didn’t know in the first place — so-called “eagle” scout Rex Tillerson, the former president of BSA Inc., is single-handedly responsible for emasculating the Boy Scouts which, as you might also infer, led directly to its deceitful and dishonorable decision to allow females to register as, well, #FakeBoyScouts.

Tillerson engineered this accomplishment as a member of the BSA’s National Executive Committee, as a task greatly faciliated by his BSA successor, Robert Gates.

Robert Gates is perhaps best known as defense secretary appointed by president George W. Bush then retained by Barack Obama, who decriminalized homosexuality in the American armed services, and mind-bogglingly, imposed women into the U.S. Navy’s submarine service.

(Did I mention that Robert Gates was a master CIA spy first recruited in 1996, later appointed to be the agency’s director by president George H.W. Bush?)

It appears even the humble and patriotic Boy Scouts of America was targeted for regime change — and wholesale democide of the movement’s flesh-and-blood members and alumni — by the very best swamp creatures and spooks the D.C. “deep state” could supply.

Dear God in heaven, show mercy on thy flock wearing the uniforms of the Boy Scouts of America and remove from them the soul poison that is LGBTQPA and Third Wave feminism. Amen.

Tillerson’s Assault on Scouting

When I was a boy I swore an oath, one I take seriously to this day. It went like this:

On my honor, I will do my best
To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.

Inherent in this oath are not one, but two moral issues – my duty to God and my oath of remaining morally straight.  These are inextricably linked, and both preclude sexual immorality, among other things.  My duty to God is to obey the laws set down for us by Him.

And that was what Scouting was all about.  While it was not sectarian in nature, it was deeply rooted in America and the Judeo-Christian heritage that informed our culture in bygone days.  Lord Robert Baden-Powell, one of the founders of the Boy Scouts, stated:

Where does religion come in? Well, my reply is … it does not come in at all. It is already there. It is the fundamental factor underlying Scouting and Guiding.

And in his 1908 book Scouting for Boys said, “No man is any good unless he believes in God.”

James West, who headed the organization in its early days, added:

Boy Scouts of America believes that no member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing an obligation to God.

While there is no litmus test on how one believes in God, there is that matter of duty to Him.  Now, all three Abrahamic religions hold that morally straight means sexually pure, or at least sexually restrained, and all three consider homosexuality an abomination.  So does the Bahá’í faith.  So too Zoroastrianism.  Hinduism frowns on it, as do Buddhism and Sikhism.  Unless one takes a “Progressive” view of his faith or adopts some fringe religion, homosexual activity is forbidden.  If it is forbidden, how can one be “morally straight” or do one’s duty to God while embracing it?

President-Elect Donald J. Trump recently announced he is considering Rex Tillerson to lead the State Department.  Tillerson, CEO of ExxonMobil, was, among other things, the former head of the Boy Scouts of America and one of the people responsible for opening the BSA to homosexuals.

It was Tillerson who lobbied to end the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy of the BSA.  According to a Dallas News story:

Tillerson was instrumental in lobbying the Scouts’ board to accept openly gay youths, said John Hammer, president of the Washington think tank Center for Strategic and International Studies, of which Tillerson is a board member.

“I can’t get into the intimacy of these conversations. But he agonized over this. He prayed on it, and ultimately he came to the conclusion the only thing that can guide him here is what’s best for the young boys,” he said. “I think he became a key leader in helping the group come to a consensus.”

Tillerson pushed the change at the meeting.

“Most of the reasons that organizations fail at change is pretty simple,” he says. “People don’t understand why. They don’t understand the mission. They don’t understand what this means for them. They don’t understand their role.” Now, the most important job is to communicate with Scouting supporters back in each member’s home council, he says.

As the CEO of ExxonMobil Corp., Tillerson is no stranger to the task of making tough decisions or venturing into uncharted territory because of a change in course. “Regardless of where you were on this decision, it’s also very normal for people to feel like there are winners or losers. I’m here to tell you that’s not true. … There are neither winners nor losers. What’s left after we made the decision to change is the mission, and the mission has not changed. But how are we going to implement the change?”

So resistance to change is tied not to a moral absolute, but rather to a lack of understanding, and there are no “winners or losers.”  The boys lost, but Tillerson fails to see it.

How is opening an organization that involves young boys in close proximity to open homosexuals in the former’s best interest?  Will Tillerson next seek to recruit hookers for them?  These are boys in their early teenage years, after all, and as such, one must question their self-identification as homosexual.  If they do fall into that category, the purpose of an organization like the Boy Scouts is to lead boys away from such things.

The gays and Tillerson got their demands met last year.

This is the classic slippery slope.  The BSA pulled out a thread, and this is where it has led – and it is headed for far worse.  The Canada Scouts followed this route back in the late 1990s with the result that membership dropped off 50%.

As Eagle Scout and former U.S. representative Richard T. Schulze stated:

… [w]hat kind of a message are we sending to our young people if the very leaders who are teaching Boy Scouts to be brave cannot even find the courage to stand firm and avoid caving in to peer pressure from Hollywood and political activists?

Indeed, the cowardice is worse than the original act.  Doing one’s duty to God requires moral courage – something that appears to be lacking in Rex Tillerson.

Tillerson is a committed Christian, which would normally be a happy development.  However, Tillerson is a member of the notoriously left-wing Congregationalists.  He is also known to be squishy on global warming, favoring some sort of carbon credit trading and having supported the 2015 Paris Agreement.

It also appears that Tillerson is a globalist.  In a speech to the globalist Council on Foreign Relations Tillerson stated:

Should the United States seek so-called energy independence in an elusive effort to insulate this country from the impact of world events on the economy, or should Americans pursue the path of international engagement, seeking ways to better compete within the global market for energy? Like the Council’s founders, I believe we must choose the course of greater international engagement… The central reality is this: The global free market for energy provides the most effective means of achieving U.S. energy security by promoting resource development, enabling diversification, multiplying our supply channels, encouraging efficiency, and spurring innovation.

Sounds more like Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump, doesn’t he?

This, in many ways, explains Tillerson’s support for opening the Boy Scouts to homosexuality.  It is the international norm, and if he supports a largely borderless world, sacrifices in old-fashioned cultural norms are going to have to be made.

Trump says he wants to scale back these big international deals, and yet he wants to make a globalist his chief diplomat.

I fear that this pick leaves the stagnant water in the swampland.  Tillerson strikes me as just another establishment type in cowboy boots.

Read more from Tim and friends at The Aviary (

Influence Culture Like the Pros: Ten Rules for Liberty Warriors

This is from the “Stop Shouting!” blog and it’s a real winner for culture warriors.  While it’s a few years old, it is a classic summary of basic tradecraft used by the military and intelligence communities.

As you read the ten rules, attempt to recognize their deployment in the effeminization of the BSA Inc. — or any number of American institutions converged since the 1960’s Women’s Lib and Sexual Revolution — and how they worked on the psychology of Boy Scouts, their fathers, their mothers, chartering organizations, and especially the leadership of BSA Inc.

Why should you learn simple, activist level tradecraft? Because many of our scouting problems can be laid directly at the feet of a real spy, past BSA Inc president Robert Gates. We can’t match the skill or unlimited resources of a master spy with deep state backing but we can at least understand the nature of the fight.

Screenshot-2017-12-28 Gates, Gays, and the Boy Scouts
Past BSA Inc president and CIA master spy Dr Robert Gates. Blame the “membership” implosion on him. He perfected the technique of “brokering-in perversity” at the Pentagon.

We’ll have much more on the subversion process in future posts but this is a good primmer, a digestible mix of tradecraft, consumer psychology, organizational dynamics, and the simple concept of cultural entropy all societies must endure.

Read the original here

http:// stopshouting. blogspot. com/2011/04/ten-rules-for-liberty-guerrillas.html#more

Part of the charade employed by the existing Regime is to continue to make people believe that they are alone in their dissent and/or dissatisfaction with the ruling class. They need to isolate you and make you feel YOU are the outlier. A recent example is the derision lobbed at those who questioned Obama’s background and credentials.

This has been written about extensively in various professional military training manuals. It has also been the subject of many papers, dissecting the evolution of an underground movement that overthrew an entrenched Regime, where to outsiders, the “sudden collapse” of an oppressive regime catches them by surprise, when in fact, it was predictable all along.

The reason for the “sudden collapse” is that the group knowledge finally reached a tipping point, where the “dissenters” realize that they are the MAJORITY, not the minority as the Regime would have them believe.



1. It is important to maintain a belief in final victory. Morale is everything.

2. Large numbers of [counter propaganda] appearing day after day, night after night, everywhere, will make the Regime nervous and raise the self-confidence of the population since such activities demonstrate the inefficiency of the existing Regime and the power and strength of the resistance movement.

3. Whenever practical, successful guerrilla forces use non-electronic means to communicate.

4. It is a principle of political science that it is easier to persuade people to vote against something or someone than to persuade them to vote in favor of something.

5. Liberty guerrillas form centers of resistance EVERYWHERE and they are always in action. Thus, when the Regime attempts to confront/solve one “media” crisis of anti-Regime opinion, another flares up. This serves to also drain the Regime’s manpower and resources.

6. Always, always, ALWAYS be on the offensive.

7. Short, snappy slogans spread the message. Advertising/marketing gurus know that to gain traction, a slogan must be 7 words or less.


Turn the tables on the opposition: Palin’s “Obama: WTF indeed” is classic.

8. Mix it up. Never be predictable. But always be lawful.

9. Undermine the Regime’s morale and their propaganda by exposing their methods and by constant emphasis on the unjustness of their cause and effects on the population.

e.g. Higher prices? Thanks, Obama).

10. Exploit the alternative media to communicate the ideas of the Liberty movement and resistance to the Regime. Be everywhere; be informed; make it known you are aware of the lies disseminated by the Regime and aren’t falling for them.

THE MOMENTUM IS ON OUR SIDE. Do not be deterred!

Flashback: Boy Scouts of America Scramble for Membership amid Declining Numbers

Be Prepared is the motto that millions of young men, including myself (proud Boy and Sea Scout), around the country learn and live by every year. For 107 years, the Boy Scouts of America have molded young men into leaders who have been at the forefront of business, medicine, politics, religion and a variety of other aspects of our society. When Boy Scouts was first created, it and its sister organizations were the premier youth organizations of the day and for the most part have remained so. As time has progressed, the BSA has had to deal with the challenge of competing for the attention of young men with inventions such as the T.V., the internet, computers, video games and a variety of other items and groups. This has resulted in the BSA struggling with membership for quite a while now.

Over the past 40 years, the BSA’s membership has been in a steady decline, with no sign of an end soon. In 2000, the BSA had 3.35 million total youth enrolled in all of its programs. As of 2013 that had fallen to 2.5 million youth and has continued to fall since then. Now, many organizations have had to deal with falling membership in the past but few as prominent as the BSA. The BSA has a program that is absolutely premier and has created some of the finest leaders the nation and the world have ever seen. Some famous former scouts include Neil Armstrong, Michael Bloomberg, President Gerald Ford, Robert Gates, Ross Perot, Donald Rumsfeld, Rex Tillerson, Mike Zinke, Rick Perry and many more.

President Coolidge said of the Scouting movement “The 12 articles in these scout laws are … affirmative rules of conduct. Members must promise to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. How comprehensive this list! What a formula for developing moral and spiritual character! … It would be a perfect world if everyone exemplified these virtues. … Boys are taught to practice the basic virtues and principles of right living and to act for themselves in according such virtues and principles.” How right he was. No organization has done a better job in building young men who are not just leaders but are men of character and principle.

Unfortunately, with declining membership has come a scramble to fix it. One of the first attempts came in 2015 when the BSA allowed gay leaders and youth to be admitted in the BSA. This was a very controversial change to their membership policy which has thus far strained relations with groups such as Jesus Christ Church of Latter Day Saints which as of 2016 accounted for around 13% of BSA membership. This first change promoted the LDS to start a new organization called “Trail Life” which attempts to instill similar values to those of the BSA but still maintain more traditional family values. It has been relatively successful thus far already attaining around 20,000 youth members.

The BSA moved in 2017 to allow transgender youth to enter the program. They denied such allegations claiming that they would accept youth based on the gender they selected on their membership application. This move was the first in what many including the author believe is part of a greater scheme to totally make the BSA co-ed. By allowing individuals to select a gender of their choice, the BSA has essentially surrendered any traditional values it had left by allowing the admittance of girls into the program without any pushback being allowed. This was the last straw for the LDS and they announced they were pulling all youth from the program who were 13 or older. This accounted for roughly of 7% of the BSA’s membership disappearing in a puff of smoke. The BSA very effectively shot itself in the foot.

The BSA’s newest plan to increase membership has been one that has angered many across the scouting community. The plan is to try and start by integrating the BSA’s program for youth 7-10, Cub Scouts. Cub Scout Packs would have 3 options:

1. Have a traditional male only unit

2. Have a “Family Unit” pack where there are ‘dens’ of boys and girls that would interact minimally but would still be part of the same unit.

3. An all-female pack

TCN boy scouts.png

This has been seen as, and is nothing more than a precursor to allowing for the integration of traditional Boy Scout troops. Mike Surbaugh, the Chief Scout Executive proposed the above plan for discussion in addition to the topic of making an all-girls program for girls 11-18 under the pretense of providing girls who graduated Cub Scouts an option afterward.

Now, these 3 attempts to increase membership fall in line with social pressures from the left. The BSA is unquestionably an organization that holds very American and very Christian values and as a byproduct, very conservative values. Sir Baden Powell, the father of all scouting said of scouting in a piece of literature in the early 1900’s “Scouting is nothing less than applied Christianity.” This has expanded to all religions but nonetheless, it is an organization that does not fall in line with the narratives of the left. This can be seen in the fact that after the President came to speak at the BSA’s National Jamboree in late July, CSE Mike Surbaugh issued an apology for the president’s address. His apology was along the lines of apologizing to scouting families for how offensive the address may have been found. This was preceded by many mainstream media outlets labeling Trump’s speech as an equivalent to a Hitler Youth rally.

The BSA is losing youth on all fronts, from its primary program Boy Scouts, to Venturing, Sea Scouts and Cub Scouts. The BSA leadership is failing to address the problem. Instead of promoting their great program they are sacrificing their values for the sake of increasing membership numbers. While membership continues to decline, they would rather heel to political correctness and societal pressures then promote their great program. This is actually leading to groups like the LDS and 1000’s of dedicated scouts and Scouters who volunteer their time for the sake of the program to abandon it.

It could be said that the BSA leadership are fiddling as Rome burns. Ben Shapiro may have put it best when he was asked in a Q & A forum at a college, “Where is it written that you have to be a boy to be a Boy Scout?” and he responded simply “In the name ‘Boy Scout’”. I and millions of other scouts hope for the best for the BSA but unfortunately, its future may not be bright.

Trail Life: Boy Scouts of America Should Let Boys be Boys

This was published at the Trail Life USA blog

10/25/2017 1:00:00 PM by: Mark Hancock

Original article appeared on Fox News website on 10/20/2017

Do the leaders of the Boy Scouts of America understand the first word of their organization’s name?

With its recent announcement that it will admit girls, the Boy Scouts organization has not simply shown a profound disregard for its admirable roots. It has further abandoned boys to a culture that values them less and less.

Dressed in the language of equality and fairness, the move by the Boy Scouts may seem harmless enough. But I believe it’s unhelpful at best and damaging at worst – to both boys and girls.

However much some may wish it were otherwise, the reality is that males and females are fundamentally different in many ways – physically, emotionally and in their relationships. Pretending otherwise in the name of progress or permissiveness might be culturally acceptable, but it does both sexes a disservice.

One of those differences, in most cases, is the way boys and girls learn. Girls are more likely to do well in the quiet control of a classroom, while boys squirm and struggle.

Daring, action and competition – potential strengths that rival focus, reflection, and consensus – are qualities that need to be fostered and filtered. Boys know that rough-and-tumble play – like playing with squirt guns and laser tag – does just that. Restrictions on this are alienating and downplay the natural tendencies of boys.

Boys need strong male role models. They also need a place for adventure and opportunities to test themselves in pursuit of awards that challenge and channel their innate drive and daring. In this way they can be helped to grow into men of true strength, real character, and genuine conviction – not Hollywood’s distorted version of manhood.

Sadly, the Boy Scouts appear to have bought into the idea that rather than being something to be celebrated and championed, boyhood is something to be watered down. They are discounting a historically male-focused experience that made presidents, astronauts and leaders of mere men. Indeed, making the inclusivity announcement on the International Day of the Girl Child could be considered the ultimate put-down.

Don’t misunderstand: I’m not inferring that girls are lesser or inferior. The Boy Scouts message is actually that boys are lesser and inferior because their uniqueness needs to be denied rather than directed, stifled rather than strengthened.

While I’m clarifying something, let me also emphasize that my conviction that we must provide space for “boys to be boys” does not mean I’m advocating a breeding ground for a future generation of sexual predators.

Indeed, I believe one of the main reasons we see the sort of indefensible behavior by men in power – like the actions Harvey Weinstein is accused of – is a lack of the kind of mentoring and coaching that models true manhood.

I’m talking about instilling in today’s boys a culture of respect, honor and integrity. Properly guided, the drive and daring tendencies in boys will lead them to become the determined, focused, winning men of tomorrow who appreciate the uniqueness and dignity of women.

You don’t have to look too far to see that at every level of society we are losing ground in areas as basic as kindness, self-control, respect, honor and purity. These should be taught and modeled for boys in an atmosphere designed for their unique temperament under the tutelage of men with the mettle to guide, alongside their peers.

Robert Baden-Powell would not now recognize the organization he founded in 1910. But while the Boy Scouts may have lost their way, they are not alone. They are just another group favoring trendy political correctness over time-honored principled convictions.

The results of all this are sadly too evident when it comes to our sons. Boys are losing out in any number of categories, from heightened special education involvement and ADHD diagnoses to lower high school rankings and college attendance.

While my dismay at the Boy Scouts decision centers on what this means for boys, I am also concerned about its impact on girls. What’s bad for the gander is equally bad for the goose.

Girls, though wired differently, equally need an environment that caters to their unique traits and qualities. You can’t deliver a program at a character-changing level with any real effectiveness in the same style to two different types of learners.

As Baden-Powell observed: “Girls should … take a real and not a visionary share in the welfare of the nation.”

But they shouldn’t be squeezed into a Boy Scout uniform.

One size does not fit all.

Mark Hancock is CEO of Trail Life USA, a Christian outdoor adventure, character and leadership program for boys and young men, K-12. Chartered through churches in 48 states, the program centers on outdoor experiences and biblical values that build a young man’s skills and allow him to grow on a personal level and as a role model and leader for his peers.

Mark Hancock

Chief Executive Officer, Trail Life USA

Mark Hancock began his career founding a national advertising agency and running it for fifteen years. His conversion to Christ led him into ministry as a Youth and College Pastor, Associate Pastor, Homeless Ministry Director and Global Event Director for an international ministry, organizing events on five continents. He holds two Masters Degrees in the Mental Health Counseling field, having spent a number of years in private practice, and has taught at secular and Christian colleges. An award-winning writer and conference speaker, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of Trail Life USA and lives near Greenville, SC with his wife of 27 years and two sons.

Flashback: Boy Scouts embrace ‘gender rebellion’: Critics blast policy welcoming transgender ‘boys’

Peter LaBarbera Follow Peter

February 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – The Boy Scouts of America continues its “progressive,” pro-LGBT, secular transformation, announcing January 30 that it will now admit “transgender” members – i.e., girls who adopt a “gender identity” as males.

This latest pro-LGBT shift in the nation’s oldest boys organization comes after the BSA first allowed openly homosexual boys to become Scouts, in 2013, and then allowed adult homosexual men to become Scoutmasters, in 2015.

The Scouts’ descent into sex-and-gender political correctness is driving up interest in Trail Life USA, the leading Christian alternative to the BSA. The group’s CEO told LifeSiteNews that unlike the Scouts, Trail Life USA’s “timeless,” “Christ-centered” core values do not bend to liberal shifts in culture.

In a statement, the Boy Scouts said, “Starting today, we will accept and register youth in the Cub and Boy Scout programs based on the gender identity indicated on the application. Our organization’s local councils will help find units that can provide for the best interest of the child.”

The statement noted that for more than 100 years, the Scouts “have ultimately deferred to the information on an individual’s birth certificate to determine eligibility for our single-gender programs. However, that approach is no longer sufficient as communities and state laws are interpreting gender identity differently, and these laws vary widely from state to state.”

Pro-family and Christian conservative reaction was immediate to what is perceived as the BSA’s latest capitulation to the Left.

“The Boy Scouts of America sacrificed its last vestige of integrity on the altar of political correctness,“ writes conservative Fox News commentator Todd Starnes. “The BSA is also going to face some logistical issues. Will boys and girls be allowed to shower together? Will they be allowed to use the same camp dressing rooms? What sort of restroom accommodations will be provided for transgender scouts?”

“This is Exhibit A of the insatiable demands of those pushing this sexual anarchy,” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins told Starnes.

“This political surrender to intolerant, doctrinaire leftists harms the girls who seek to become Boy Scouts in order to reinforce their false belief that they’re male,” said Laurie Higgins, cultural issues writer with Illinois Family Institute. “It also harms boys in that it teaches them the lies that one’s sex has no intrinsic meaning and that in order to be compassionate they must relinquish their privacy.”

LGBTQ Pressure Group Celebrates

Meanwhile, the homosexual-bisexual-transgender lobby group Human Rights Campaign celebrated the new BSA policy: “This marks a significant policy shift, and will allow transgender boys whose parents cannot change or have not changed their son’s gender on their birth certificate. … The news today comes as one New Jersey family has been fighting back after their son, an 8-year-old boy, was kicked out of the Cub Scouts because he is transgender.”

HRC approvingly noted that now both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts now allow transgender youth, saying that the two youth organizations serve four million youth combined. CNN reports that the Girl Scouts have allowed transgender “girls” (boys who identify as girls) since 2011; see the Girl Scouts’ social issues FAQ page here.

An Alternative to the BSA Is Growing

Linda Harvey, founder of the Ohio-based Christian group Mission America and a conservative expert on the LGBTQ agenda and youth, told LifeSiteNews: “The Boy Scouts of America continues to be oblivious to the realities of the emotional disturbance of gender rebellion in kids. The presence of these confused children in any troop is a risk to all the boys present, setting an example that can have tragic consequences.”

Mark Hancock, CEO of Trail Life USA, formed in 2013 in direct response to the BSA relaxing its moral opposition homosexuality—echoed that sentiment in an interview with LSN. Trail Life USA is three years old and has 26,000 members in 48 states. Its network includes 700 participating churches.

Hancock said he was “saddened” by the BSA’s embrace of “transgendered” members, and is concerned about its effects on boys, “psychologically, spiritually, and possibly even physically.”

He also voiced concern over the biologically female “transgender boys” who “could be subjected to compromising situations” under the new Boy Scout policy.

Hancock said he was surprised by how speedily the Scouts’ leadership endorsed the entire LGBT agenda, noting they were under no legal compulsion to do so. (The BSA’s initial capitulation on homosexuality essentially wasted its hard-fought 2000 Supreme Court victory in BSA v. Dale, which upheld the BSA’s constitutional right as a private organization to set its own membership standards excluding self-avowed homosexuals and atheists.)

“We thought they were braver than that,” he told LifeSiteNews.

Despite the claims by Scouts’ chief executive Michael Surbaugh that the organization still adheres to its old values, which include being “morally straight” and “reverent,” Hancock said, “We see how they have been redefining [Scout values] to accommodate the culture.”

In contrast, Trail Life USA adheres to “true, timeless values” rooted in the Bible, he said, as laid out in a Statement of Values: “God calls us to lives of holiness, being pure of heart, mind, word and deed. We are to reserve sexual activity for the sanctity of marriage, a lifelong commitment before God between a man and a woman.”

He said Trail Life USA’s executive leaders originally used the word “boys” to define their eligible members, but then changed that to “biologically male children,” foreseeing just the sort of “transgender” pressure that led to the BSA’s shift.

Trail Life USA founder and Board chairman John Stemberger, a veteran Florida pro-family activist, said, “It’s simply stunning that a leading youth organization which parents entrust the protection of their children with has opted to again appease political activists rather than follow clear, common-sense best practices for child protection.”

“Aside from the fact they are now going to confuse literally hundreds of thousands of young men and boys – you are now going to have further youth protection problems,” Stemberger told Fox News’ Starnes. “Facilities and campgrounds are not designed for this type of thing.”

Hancock said Trail Life USA gets a big jump in inquiries and interest with each politically correct maneuver by the Boy Scouts.

“Our website was struggling” yesterday, he told LifeSiteNews, adding that those interested in starting a TrailLifeUSA chapter should go to the organization’s website, which Tuesday had a special notice about “high volume.” The group can be reached by calling 321-247-7761 or emailing:; see also its “How to Charter a Troop” page.

Flashback: The End of the Boy Scouts

We all knew this was coming. The Boy Scouts of America stood for over a century on its strong foundation of Judeo-Christian values, growing boys into young men, and young men into leaders.

By Russell Patten

However, in recent years the BSA has allowed cracks to form in that foundation.

From the lifting of the ban on openly gay boys from joining the organization, to the sanctioning of openly gay adult leaders, to the encouragement of so-called “transgendered” boys to join, the BSA’s moral foundation has been rapidly and steadily eroding into dust.

As soon as the BSA changed the definition of the phrase “morally straight” in the generations-old Scout Oath back in 2013, allowing for homosexual membership, we all knew that this first compromise would not be the last. We all knew that it was only a matter of time before the BSA compromised itself into oblivion.

That day has now arrived.

From the BSA’s website:

Today, the Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors unanimously approved to welcome girls into its iconic Cub Scout program and to deliver a Scouting program for older girls that will enable them to advance and earn the highest rank of Eagle Scout.

This is incredibly disappointing news, but in light of the BSA’s changes over the last few years, it isn’t at all surprising. It does, however, mark a complete transformation for the organization. The Boy Scouts has always been exclusively for boys. As Ben Shapiro famously noted, it’s in the name.

There are plenty of organizations out there for all different varieties of youth. The Boy Scouts even have several co-ed programs for both boys and girls. The girls already have the Girl Scouts. If the Girl Scouts isn’t working, why not work to fix that organization instead? There is absolutely no need for the Boy Scouts to change who they are to be “inclusive.”

What now separates the Boy Scouts from any other youth organization? The BSA has now effectively rendered obsolete both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts. If the Boy Scouts is a better youth organization for girls, why would any girl ever want to join the Girl Scouts?

More incredibly, I have to wonder why any parent would want their young teenage girls camping in the woods with young teenage boys? Who exactly is okay with this?

As an Eagle Scout myself, this is an incredibly difficult piece for me to write. My fondest memories from my youth come from my time in Boy Scouts. I learned a great deal about myself, about leadership, and about manhood in those years. The friendships I made with both adult leaders and fellow Scouts can never be replaced. Earning the rank of Eagle Scout in 2002 was the greatest achievement of my life at the time. Another honor was when my beloved Scout troop invited me back to town to participate in its centennial celebration earlier this year. My scouting experiences have guided me throughout my adulthood and will continue to do so.

I now see I was lucky to have been a Boy Scout at that time instead of today. Those experiences would not have been the same had the BSA not been so strict on its membership policies. It is important for boys and young men to grow together free from the distraction of girls.

I suspect the Almighty Dollar now motivates BSA more than the Almighty. Membership (and revenue) has been declining steadily for years. Suddenly membership eligibility is now opened to a whole new demographic. Draw your own conclusions there.

This is what the Left does best: target and destroy everything good in America. They cannot compete with us on ideas, so they have to eliminate everything that makes us who we are. If they were truly motivated to provide girls, homosexuals, and “transgenders,” with the same experiences Boy Scouts provides, then they would form their own youth organization. But it isn’t really about that, is it?

Rest in Peace Boy Scouts. You will be dearly missed.