The Disastrous Scouting/USA and 8th Edition of the Handbook

This worthy entry is from the authoritative Troop 97 collection of handbooks used by B.S.A. Inc.

the 8th edition of the handbook spelled out the ultra cool, modern and absolutely not “square” Improved Scouting, branded as “Scouting/USA.”  It introduced American boys to abusable street drugs, race consciousness, the generic World Scouting “left handed handshake”, premarital sex, metal belt loops for “achievements” (revised Cub Scout program ringing a bell here?) red berets, and most importantly, in consideration for their blatant currying of “inner city youth”, did it at a sixth-grade reading level.

The Troop 97 webpage describes Improved Scouting,


Boy Scout Handbook introduced in 1972

The 1970s decade was a dark time for the Boy Scouts of America. The period from 1972-80 was a national disaster, when BSA membership declined nationwide by 34% (a loss of 2.2 million members)! Although many changes in our society had an adverse impact on all youth programs, much of the cause for the drastic BSA membership decline was due to the radically changed Scout program of the period.

In 1972, the BSA made sudden and radical changes to the Scouting program, abandoning much of the traditional outdoor program, and applying inner-city programming to ALL of Scouting (what to do if lost?—The new Scout handbook’s entire “Lost” section showed a boy talking to a policeman with the instructions, “Ask for directions to find the way”). New, “politically-correct” terminology defined the era (the BSA had no “boys” or “Boy Scouts” because “boy” was considered demeaning; no longer an outdoorsman, the Scoutmaster became a “manager of learning” who taught Scouts the 11 “leadership competencies;” he guided Scouts through “personal growth agreement conferences” as they advanced through the various “progress awards.”)

The BSA began modifying the short-lived “Improved Scouting Program” in 1975, and finally scrapped the program in 1978-79, after only six years of use. The program stands in sharp contrast to Scouting before 1972 or since 1978.

During the 1970s, the BSA finally updated its heavy-impact conservation practices to modern low-impact policies designed to protect our rapidly dwindling outdoor resources.

BSA membership peaked at 6.5 million in 1972, and reached bottom in 1980 with 4.3 million.

8th Edition—Scout Handbook (1972-1979)

This edition represents the most radical change in Handbook content the BSA ever made. It introduced more new concepts and deleted more traditional subjects than any other edition. The drastic program changes it presented were a disastrous failure for Scouting. From September 1, 1972, through the end of 1977, the “Improved Scouting Program” de-emphasized camping by making outdoor skills optional in the lower three ranks and by eliminating outdoor merit badges from the required list for the higher three ranks (the Eagle list dropped Camping, Cooking, Nature, Swimming, Lifesaving). The new program also extended inner-city programming to ALL of Scouting. (The Handbook’s entire section on “Lost” shows a drawing of a boy talking to a policeman, with the text: “Ask for directions to find the way.”). The Scouting program represented by this Handbook stands in sharp contrast to Scouting before 1972 or since 1978.

The 8th Edition leaves out a lot of other traditional Handbook information: how to wear a neckerchief, when to wear the uniform, lashings, stars, fire without matches, tracking/trailing, silent signals, semaphore and Morse signaling, edible wild plants, finding directions without a compass.

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How Scouting was Saved in ’79 – Scouting Rediscovered

How Scouting was Saved in ’79

There is a period in the history of the Boy Scouts of America that not many people like to talk about.

Some of you may have heard the story before; some of you may have lived through it. I think it is vitally important for all Scouters to know because of what it teaches us about Scouting and its place in the modern world.

It was the late 1960’s, and youth membership in the BSA began to decline. People weren’t quite sure why. Some suspected that the modern world was starting to outgrow the traditional framework of Scouting. Everyone agreed that we still needed a good youth organization… but maybe the stuff of the past didn’t really appeal to boys anymore.

So, in the spirit of the time, we set to work crafting an “Improved Scouting Program”. This was going to be a modern program that fit the needs of the modern boy. We went back to the drawing board and reworked advancement, leadership, and the entire Scouting program. Finally, it was ready to launch.

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National Boy Scouts looking to dissolve council

Allohak Council is apparently 100% debt free with considerable assets.

File this under “Things that make you go hmmm . . . ”

Allohak Council calls community meeting

National Boy Scouts looking to dissolve council

In an email to The Parkersburg News and Sentinel, Jeremy Cox, scoutmaster for Troop 116 in Parkersburg, said members recently were made aware of a plan by the national Boy Scouts of America to dissolve the Allohak Council and split its six districts into three other councils. The move also could affect Camp Kootaga in Wirt County which is overseen by the Allohak Council, he said.

“The Allohak Council is currently debt free and is operating in the black,” he said. “None of this make any sense.”

Cox said the community meetings are a way to get more voices heard.

“The information needs to be out there so that all of the districts’ membership can be at these meetings and know what is going on,” he said.

Additional community meetings are planned for 7 p.m. today in Athens, 7 p.m. Wednesday in Elkins, 7 p.m. Thursday in Clarksburg and 7 p.m. July 16 at the Knights of Columbus in Marietta.

Why Boy Scouts went co-ed. What America will lose.
Larry Kummer is a garden variety SCIENTIST! and nominal feminist that thinks boys — future men — are harmed by Second and Third Wave feminism. It’s not clear but he seems to believe in sexual equality but is disappointed with its implementation. Even so, with an essentially 1960’s radical-now-passing-for-conservative outlook, he foresees the loss of the Boy Scouts as a loss to America.

Summary: Boy Scouts are in the news again. As usual, journalists get the story wrong. The real story shows the trends that are molding a new America.

"Scout me in" advertisement

The problem

Membership in Boy Scouts of America peaked in 1973 at 4.8 million. Decades of relentless mismanagement by its HQ in Irving, Texas, reduced that to 2.5 billion by ~2012, and to 2.3 million “members” (boys and girls) today. The 437 thousand Mormon boys are roughly one-fifth of BSA membership, and they’re leaving – following BSA’s decision to admit gays, transgendered Scouts, and now girls (as Boy Scouts). This might leave BSA too small to fund its infrastructure, leading to a death spiral.

Tapping Boy Scouting’s biggest asset

“In a nation so large and so diverse there are few ways of quantifying intelligence or success or ability, so those few that exist are immediately magnified, titles become particularly important.”
— David Halberstam in The Best and the Brightest.

The response of the BSA leadership was genius. Boy Scouts’ primary asset is the reputation of Eagle Scouts. Competition for the few slots at prestigious colleges is fierce, and the words “Eagle Scout” on an application can help. Scout troops have increasingly become “Eagle factories.” Parents complete the boys’ projects. Outdoor treks are done only as needed. The parents run troops like schools; boys grudgingly cooperate, and bounce out after getting the little eagle pin — depriving Troops of what should be their Scout leaders. This is antimatter to Scout Spirit.

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A Boy Scout’s Lament

Further down the disqus comments is this poignant comment by a First Class Boy Scout. It might have been written by my own son or any of his brother scouts:


Hey boys need time to be boys and I’m thirteen a first class boy scout.there would be so many more problems like boys and girls sharing the same tent.there is something call venture scouts it is a boy girl program just like scouts but I think boys join boy scouts partly to just be boys with their friends

A Father’s Lament

From the “Bryan on Scouting” blog interview with Chief Cuck Michael Surbaugh.

(You know the video – Bryan is full squish soyboy and Surbaugh can’t help blushing for the outrageous whoppers he lobs at us.)


To BSA’s leadership:
You guys are captains of industry and I’m not.
You are all millionaires many times over and I’m not.
You are probably graduates of Ivy League schools and geniuses, and I’m not. I’m just a regular dad.

But I’ll tell you this: I am the gatekeeper to your access to my son, and that’s not going to change.
I don’t need scouting to do fun things with my son. We can go fishing and backpacking and all the rest all on our own just fine. And truthfully, the hassle factor is a lot less.

So, you should ask yourselves why someone like me is involved in scouting, and the answer is values. I want some help transmitting a certain set of values to my son and I enjoy being part of an organization that shares those values. So when you start tinkering with those values you are altering our relationship at a fundamental level and causing me to question that relationship.

When you decided to let gays and lesbians in and take over leadership roles you lost a sizable number of participants. They will not be replaced by new people from the groups you are catering to because that demographic has no interest in the things that BSA traditionally represents. As the program gets more and more watered down and inevitably larded up with more modern day gobbledygook your numbers will continue a long, steady decline. If I’m right BSA will become a remnant of something great that once-was, and fade into the pages of historical Americana.

I would rather BSA be a much smaller organization that is true to its values than to try to serve everybody by submitting to the culture and standing for nothing. I don’t think that is going to work for you.

My father was an Eagle Scout and son is an Eagle Scout who is now off to college. I would like to say that one day I will camp with a troop that my grandsons are in but that is very much in question right now. I can’t say that and that should bother you. You should think about that.

Subversion & Control of Western Society – Yuri Bezmenov Lecture

The Boy Scouts of America was wrecked by the dedicated efforts of socialists and the so-called Red Diaper baby communists, working over many decades. The 1972 subversive disaster entitled “The Improved Scouting Program”  inflicted considerable damage but, thanks to Green Bar Bill‘s heroic efforts, a much diminished Boy Scouts lingered on.

Communists are nothing if not persistent. The wounded but not killed boy scouts was a humiliating reminder of their failure.  “Family Scouting” is a second go at Improved Scouting, a coup de grace without Green Bar Bill to ride to boy scouting’s rescue.

What happened? How did a fundamentally Christian, traditionalist, conservative movement with an incorporating charter from the U.S. Congress itself, fall to a mere handful of agitators and infiltrators?

We will study the strategy and tactics used against the Boy Scouts and all other important American institutions as advised by Sun Tzu. Armed with understanding, we can retake Boy Scouting and all American civilization.

Yuri Bezmenov was a Soviet defector, a journalist recruited by the KGB who came to hate the Soviet system after falling in love with India. An extended interview, a classroom lecture, and his valedictory “Love Letter to America” are superb guides to the methods used by communists to undermine all that made America “America.”

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