Trail Life USA Founder Assails Condom Policy at Boy Scouts Jamboree

Trail Life USA Founder Assails Condom Policy at Boy Scouts Jamboree

Folks, the institutional collapse of the Boy Scouts of America is one of the more stunning indicators of our nation’ moral and spiritual decline. (See my comments to AFA’s One News Now regarding the Mormon Church pulling out of the Scouts.) John Stemberger, founder and chairman of the board of Trail Life USA, deserves great credit for creating this Christian alternative to the corrupt–Trump would say “failing”–“Scouts BSA.” You cannot mix sexual perversion (proud homosexuality) with wholesomeness, wrong with right, and sin with “reverence” toward God–and still preserve the trust of parents and churches. We’ll be on the lookout for the Scouts to introduce “Safer Sodomy” (“safer sex”) merit badges anytime now. (I hope that’s a joke.) — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

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THEY NEVER QUIT: Atheists “Tell congressman Boy Scouts still discriminate”

Action Alert

Tell congressman Boy Scouts still discriminate

We, as a secular nation, must not tolerate ongoing discrimination by the Boy Scouts of America. And our leaders shouldn’t either.

Recently, Rep. Matt Cartwright, D-Pa., sent out an email praising the Boy Scouts of America (soon to be “Scouts BSA”) for welcoming girls into the organization. But the Boy Scouts of America have not dismantled all of its barriers. It still has a rule barring atheists and nonreligious members.

Please tell Cartwright that by stigmatizing the nearly one-quarter of Americans who are not religious, the Boy Scouts are weakening and dividing the community. Any bigotry is ugly and socially unacceptable.

The Boy Scouts may have started to shed its Religious Right image when it repealed its prohibition against gay boys, announced it would accept transgender boys, and inviting girls to join. But one thing is clear: Nonreligious boys (and now girls) and their families are still not welcome in the Boy Scouts. This attitude is not only ugly and discriminatory, but verges on head-in-the-sand regressive.

Ask Cartwright to demand an end to this un-American and hypocritical exclusion of atheists and other nonreligious children!


Please bombard Cartwright’s Facebook page, where he has requested stories about the Boy Scouts or other organizations to be posted, with comments demanding an end to the scouts divisive policy. Feel free to utilize the talking points we have included at the bottom of this email Action Alert.

You might also take further action by utilizing social media to contact Boy Scouts USA on its Facebook page and by tweeting to the Chief Scout Executive at @BSAchief, or to the Boy Scouts of America’s official Twitter account at @boyscouts.

If you have a Twitter account you might tweet a message such as:

@boyscouts After lifting LGBTQ bans and now accepting girls, it’s time for BSA to repeal its bigoted policy to exclude the nonreligious.


The official position of the Boy Scouts of America — “No member can grow into the best kind of citizen without recognizing his obligation to God” — turns secular boys into pariahs and second-class citizens, and defames nonbelief.

Furthermore, Boy Scouts has a congressional charter as a fraternal (not a religious group), and the president serves as the honorary commander in chief, all additional reasons why its religiously discriminatory policy must go.

While many local troops undoubtedly look the other way, Boy Scouts officially pushes a Declaration of Religious Principles. Leaders have even turned away crying 6-year-olds from recruitment events held in public schools after advertising that “Any boy may join.”

The Girl Scouts scrapped its requirements long ago that girls, to join, must believe in a God. While the group did not drop religion from its oath, it announced an official position that girls need not be religious or recite that part of the oath in order to join. The Boy Scouts of America has nothing to lose in adopting a similar policy. Boy Scouts should be teaching harmony, not bigotry.

FFRF proudly offers nonreligious Boy Scouts a badge, by the way.


  • In the last year, the Boy Scouts of America has lifted its hurtful bans against gays, the transgendered community and now are allowing girls to join the organization. Please call on the Boy Scouts to lift its policy shunning kids from nonreligious families.
  • The Boy Scouts must stop stigmatizing the nearly one-quarter of Americans who are not religious. This divides and weakens the community the organization seeks to serve. Any bigotry is ugly and socially unacceptable. Furthermore, with 38 percent of Millennials identifying as nonreligious, its policy against atheists and other freethinkers is regressive as well as unjust.
  • The policy should be rewritten to say: No one can grow into the best kind of citizen who discriminates (period).

Boy Scouts explains how it will distribute condoms to minors at upcoming global gathering

Boy Scouts explains how it will distribute condoms to minors at upcoming global gathering | News

Lisa Bourne

June 1, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is defending its plan to distribute condoms to “all participants” at a massive international gathering of boy and girl scouts next summer in the United States. The organizations says that it’s simply addressing the “needs of international health norms.”

In a statement to LifeSiteNews, BSA said that condoms will be made “available through the medical facilities” set up throughout the camps where an estimated 50,000 are expected to attend.

News broke last week that the World Scout Jamboree — slated for next summer in West Virginia with the Boy Scouts of America as a host — would ensure “condoms are readily and easily accessible for all participants at a number of locations.” The move marked for many the latest step in an ongoing radicalization of scouting.

Aside from making condoms available to children as young as 13, additional information from the WSJ event shows that girls are expected to make up half of the attendees. The Jamboree is being promoted as a way for participants to meet and mix faster than they could through social media.

The event is touted by organizers as “what will surely be the largest party in the world.”

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The Merit Badge of Surrender: How the Boy Scouts of America are Succumbing to the Gender Revolution

The Merit Badge of Surrender: How the Boy Scouts of America are Succumbing to the Gender Revolution

With the recent decision to drop “Boy” from their fabled name, the Boy Scouts undermine the very foundation for their existence and exacerbate our society’s confusion about sexual difference and gender distinction.

The incremental surrender of the Boy Scouts  to the gender revolution has undermined the very reason for their existence.

Last week, the Boy Scouts of America, a venerated organization, announced that it will drop the “Boy” from “Boy Scout” and make scouting available to all sexes. This was not a surprise decision, nor did it come out of nowhere. For the past several years, the Boy Scouts have been in the process of reinventing themselves in the image of progressivism by pursuing a more “inclusive” approach to scouting. The umbrella organization plans to retain its original name, the “Boy Scouts of America” or “BSA,” while officially opening scouting to both boys and girls. “Cub Scouts,” the name for clubs for kids seven to ten years old, is gender-neutral enough to be retained as well. But Boy Scouts, which is for children aged ten to seventeen, will now be known as “Scouts BSA.”

The Boy Scouts are arguably the premier boyhood organization in American history, known for valuing integrity, teaching patriotism, and promoting character and leadership development in young men. Their decision to no longer maintain sex distinction in their membership is a discrediting action.

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The Boy Scouts Admit Girls, Failure

How did I miss this major article at Weekly Standard?

The Boy Scouts Admit Girls, Failure


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October 13, 2017 9:05 AM

The Boy Scouts of America announced Wednesday that they would admit girls into the organization for the first time ever. From now on, Cub Scout dens (usually around 6 to 12 kids) will be single gender—either male or female. Cub Scout packs (comprised of multiple dens) will have the option of being co-ed or single gender. As for the Boy Scouts proper, there will be a separate program available for older girls that will allow them to attain the rank of Eagle Scout.

The rationale behind this dramatic move is somewhat hazy, per the BSA leadership:

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Another one: Suit filed in Pulaski County accuses Boy Scouts of failing to stop sexual abuse

If the spineless morons running BSA Inc (Shoutout to son-less Randall Stephenson and cuck-extraordinaire Michael Surbaugh) thought capitulation w/payola to the feminazis and LGBTQPA would solve their problems, they’re more delusional than most SJWs.

This will intensify until BSA Inc is bankrupted and sold for scrap. SJWs always double-down and now they smell much blood in the water.

Do you think plaintiff’s attorneys – with legitimate cases like this – will do anything less?


Suit filed in Pulaski County accuses Boy Scouts of failing to stop sexual abuse

By Brandon Riddle

This article was published June 6, 2018 at 1:21 p.m.

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Legal Case from 1976 ? ? ? Women suing Boy Scouts for putting them at risk of sex assault headed to mediation

It’s not like anyone couldn’t see this coming, even back in 1971 when feminism meant Women’s Liberation — the social right to screw whomever they wanted whenever they wanted without “shame” — and “If it feels good, do it” was the motto of the entire Baby Boom generation !
Now that this precedent is established, on an event that did not happen nearly fifty years ago, How long before the first sexual assault (i.e., rape) charges are filed by gogurl #FakeScouts whose only real purpose is to destroy the Boy Scouts as apart of a larger mission to smash all wholesome American institutions?
Has it been filed already? MAYBE.
You, Mr Beta Orbiter Cubmaster and You, Mr Gamma Inferiority Complex Scoutmaster: are YOU WILLING TO RISK YOUR REPUTATION, YOUR HOME, YOUR LIBERTY to further what is a Marxist-Leninist psyops to destroy Boy Scouts by getting you to do it for them?
God forbid but here we are.