I wonder, did we just see a BSA Inc dezinformatsiya campaign?

Robert Gates’ arrival at BSA Inc headquarters precipitated revolutionary, radical change at the 100 year old American institution.

Gates was, of course, the Director the CIA before he was secretary of the Defense department. No doubt those lofty positions made his nomination as BSA Inc’s president a no-brainer for the easily impressed members of the national executive board in Dallas. Rubbing elbows with such illustrious “colleagues” would be the highlight of their lives.

We should also note here Gates was responsible for queering the armed forces of the United States, using much the same plan used against the boy scouts.

What if the decision to impose girls on boy scouts was Gate’s last hurrah literally or at least by inspiration? CEO Surbaugh trotted out a supposed poll that proved girl boy scouts would save BSA Inc in a fell swoop of pent up demand, motherhood, apple pie and GoGrrl spirit the boys could not possibly handle.

What is dezinformatsia?

Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director William Colby explained how the Dezinformatsiya agency operated, saying that it would place a false article in a left-leaning newspaper. The fraudulent tale would make its way to a Communist periodical, before eventually being published by a Soviet newspaper, which would say its sources were undisclosed individuals. By this process a falsehood was globally proliferated as a legitimate piece of reporting.

This is not so crazy as we may have considered it only a few years ago, learning what we’ve learned about the infamous hoax known as “The Russian Dossier.” The FBI used paid assets in various “down on their luck” media outfits to create the appearance of investigative reporting, which justified other media outlet interest, which in turn justified FBI interest, which was leaked “confirming” the original lie.

What if there was no demand for girls in boy scouts with the exception of a handful of tomboys and a bunch of angry butch feminist types looking to take down a hated bastion of American grit and manhood?

In this scenario, Surbaugh or anyone at Dallas HQ would use the known fact of a self-selected, i.e., not random survey about girls in boy scouts. It doesn’t matter the results the fact of the survey would be used to legitimate a false claim of “pent up demand” that would give Surbaugh a figleaf for his lie to claim the decision was market based, not Virtue Signaling to the Marxist-Leninist Left.

Once the dezinformatsiya meme was created, it was seeded into official BSA Inc organs such as Boys Life and Scouter, accompanied by moral instruction on “right-think.”

Weak minded scouters would find this sufficient to accept the coup de balls while actual boy scouts, wise to 4G warfare, remained undeceived.

This theme and the article will be developed over time.