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Editor’s note: I knew Frontpage publisher David Horowitz many years ago, as I fought the neo-Bolsheviks at university. His autobiography “Radical Son” — presented to me by the author — was eyeopening. Highly recommended to any who doubt the reality of communist infiltration and subversion.

The latest junk-thought from the American Psychological Association.

Gillette’s We Believe: The Best Men Can Be is essentially a video version of the recent American Psychological Association statement that “traditional masculinity—marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression—is, on the whole, harmful.” And the APA gives the impression that traditional masculinity by men of no color is an especially pressing concern.

This view, the APA explains, is the result of 40 years of research, launched by emeritus psychology professor Ronald F. Levant EdD, co-editor of the APA’s The Psychology of Men and Masculinities, and a former APA president. “Though men benefit from patriarchy,” Levant notes, “they are also impinged upon by patriarchy.”

Dr. Levant, meet Joachim Ronneberg, a Norwegian resistance fighter who died last October at the age of 99. This man was only 21 in 1940, when the forces of National Socialist Germany invaded Norway. Ronnenberg and eight friends could have passively submitted to Nazi rule but they escaped to Scotland, where they could have remained in safety. Instead they opted to return, with good reason.

At the Norsk hydro facility at Rjukan, Telemark, the Nazis were producing deuterium oxide – heavy water – a component of their plan to build a nuclear bomb. Ronnenberg and five other commandos – all men and all of pale complexion – parachuted onto a plateau, and skied across country. Then they accessed a railway line, rode into the plant and planted explosives.

After blowing up the plant, the five fled on skis 200 miles into Sweden, chased by 3,000 Nazi soldiers. Ronnenberg, who never expected to survive the mission, called it “the best skiing weekend I ever had.” He never bragged about his role in blocking Hitler from getting nuclear weapons but during the 1970s he said “Those growing up today need to understand that we must always be ready to fight for peace and freedom.”

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