Subversion & Control of Western Society – Yuri Bezmenov Lecture

The Boy Scouts of America was wrecked by the dedicated efforts of socialists and the so-called Red Diaper baby communists, working over many decades. The 1972 subversive disaster entitled “The Improved Scouting Program”  inflicted considerable damage but, thanks to Green Bar Bill‘s heroic efforts, a much diminished Boy Scouts lingered on.

Communists are nothing if not persistent. The wounded but not killed boy scouts was a humiliating reminder of their failure.  “Family Scouting” is a second go at Improved Scouting, a coup de grace without Green Bar Bill to ride to boy scouting’s rescue.

What happened? How did a fundamentally Christian, traditionalist, conservative movement with an incorporating charter from the U.S. Congress itself, fall to a mere handful of agitators and infiltrators?

We will study the strategy and tactics used against the Boy Scouts and all other important American institutions as advised by Sun Tzu. Armed with understanding, we can retake Boy Scouting and all American civilization.

Yuri Bezmenov was a Soviet defector, a journalist recruited by the KGB who came to hate the Soviet system after falling in love with India. An extended interview, a classroom lecture, and his valedictory “Love Letter to America” are superb guides to the methods used by communists to undermine all that made America “America.”

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