Interesting Troop “Sign” posted at BSA twitter account

This image was posted in a reply to a Twitter post at the Boy Scouts’ official account by an account called, “ally cat act-up.” You may recall Act-Up! was a LGBTQ front organization many years ago. The image is almost certainly meant to be provocative but is it real?

Astute readers will recognize the important detail immediately, thanks to wikileaks’ publication of the FBI’s pedophile recognition symbol pamphlet.

Notice the “boy lovers” symbol:

Is the photo real? The pink troop lettering looks fake. The spiral has a shadow, easily added in Photoshop. Anyone can post on Twitter. But the fact we’re asking is an indication of the destroyed integrity of BSA Corp.

Act Up! scores a direct hit. BSA Inc takes another blow to its prestige, its credibility, and its reason to exist.