Old Philadelphia: The Spirit of Christmas (1953)

Here is a Philly tradition from the days before poz, when the Bell System was called “Ma” Bell and the ACLU hadn’t declared war on the Christians that granted their grandfathers shelter from the pogroms of the Old Country.

Here’s to peace on earth and goodwill toward men.


The Sprint of Christmas (1953) – ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

and the second part, the faithful and moving

The Spirit of Christmas (1953) – The Nativity


Charlie Kirk says BSA wants to destroy masculinity

Charlie Kirk of Turning Point defends boys and masculinity. Fox plays a shot clip of some useless cucked “father” enthusing over her daughter to the cost of her son.


Scoutmaster calls out BSA’s lies

A pre-Improved Scouting Program boy scout turned scoutmaster, father of four boys, calls out B.S.A. Inc for its duplicitous lies about the intent and design of Cub and Boy Scouts. He also make’s a father’s case for the need for boys to be boys.

Sadly, as many men of my generation, he is a White Knight cuck on “gender equality” as promoted by Second Wave feminism, “I don’t mind if girls can be Eagle Scouts.” Well, what the hell’s the point of doing something manly if some random chick can do it? Androgyny is the death of America.

Boy Scouts Name Change and Girls in the Boy Scouts-A Scoutmaster’s Perspective

Fox News: Should churches break from Boy Scouts after name change?

Fox news asks Tony Perkins if churches should dump Boy Scouts because, with the trashing of “Boy” from their name, they are not worth supporting. A squishy soiboy named Hale blabbers about boys learning to be men from little girls. Well, it might have been true with him.

Click below for the video clip:


STARNES: Boy Scouts now Scouts BSA with girls, transgender children


The Boy Scouts have decided to drop the word “Boy” from its iconic name. Instead, they will be known as the Scouts BSA. The name change came as a result of inclusivity. The BSA recently announced they will add girls and transgender children to its troops. That’s why many parents are enrolling their kids in Trail Life USA – a faith-based scouting group that is exclusively for boys.

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